'Anybody Missing a Cat?' Flight Attendant Helps Lost Tabby Find Owner Mid-Flight

A flight attendant helped a lost tabby cat find its owner on a flight from Dallas, Texas, to San Francisco, California, on December 30, video shows.

Footage filmed by David Hislop shows a United Airlines flight attendant picking up the cat and walking down the aisle, asking if anybody was missing a cat.

The cat then wriggles free from the attendant’s grip and makes its way to the front of the plane, before its owner walks up to claim it.

According to Hislop, the cat was first noticed by passengers as it walked into the centre aisle in first class. Credit: David Hislop via Storyful

Video transcript

- Have you lost your cat? Quartered cat? He actually is running around the airplane. Got to explain that. Missing a cat. No? Guys, anybody missing a cat? No?