Anti-Taliban forces say they still hold Panjshir

Former Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh on Friday (September 3) released a video statement declaring he remained in Panjshir Valley where anti-Taliban resistance continues.

Saleh dismissed reports he had left Afghanistan as "propaganda by the enemy" and described the current circumstances as "difficult".

"We face attacks by al-Qaeda terrorists and the Taliban who are backed by Pakistan. But we are defending our homeland and the resistance continues," he said, sitting in front of book shelves.

A spokesman for the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan, which groups opposition forces loyal to local leader Ahmad Massoud, said Taliban forces reached the Darband heights on the border between Kapisa province and Panjshir but were pushed back.

Undated video clips posted by the group showed uniformed armed men around various points along the mountains that surround Panjshir valley. Other clips showed uniformed armed men on a mountaintop overlooking the town of Golbahar in Kapisa province.

The location of the video was verified by comparing terrain data and satellite imagery to the surroundings as shown in the video but Reuters could not verify when the videos were filmed.

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