New anti-Sarah Palin documentary set for release


Washington, June 26 (ANI): It has emerged that a controversial new documentary on Sarah Palin is all set to hit the big screen. British filmmaker Nick Broomfield has grafted the 'real' Palin by quietly interviewing her parents, friends and disgruntled ex-colleagues and getting a look at her rise to power and fame. obtained a one-minute clip that shows Palin's former legislative director John Bitney and senate president Lyda Green blasting her for her 'amateur behavior', where during important meetings, she hardly listened, and continually text messaged. Bloomfield's documentary will be taking a round in Los Angeles next week onwards, and it has all the possibility to book a premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September. Meanwhile, the highly anticipated pro-Palin film 'The Undefeated' will make its world premiere on Wednesday. (ANI)