Anti-Gun Violence Rally Held in Times Square Following Uvalde Shooting

New Yorkers protested against gun violence in Times Square on Thursday, May 26, two days after a gunman entered an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, and killed at least 19 children and two teachers on May 24.

Footage from Adam Klesh shows protesters in white veils holding photographs of the children who were killed, as an activist gives a speech calling on elected officials to act. Credit: Adam Klesh via Storyful

Video transcript

- --to say, oh, thoughts and prayers. Because the Bible that I've read said that prayer without action is nothing, but noise.


So stop, stop tweeting, stop saying you're angry, and get up and do something. And this is to every elected in every level of office from every party that there is. Your actions are taking lives away. It is not safe to go to school.

It is not safe to go to the movies. It is unsafe to go to the grocery or the mall. It is not safe to stand right here right now in Times Square. Because at any moment, someone can walk up with a gun that they legally purchased, an assault military weapon that they legally purchased and could shoot any one of us.

We are the only country that this is happening in. They say, we're the land of the free. We are not. We are a horrible place to live. And it's up to each and every one of us to not only vote, but to get out there and fight the [INAUDIBLE] back.


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