'Another world is possible': climate activist Nakate

Global leaders are destroying the planet with their lack of action - that's the message from Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate.

She was speaking at a rally in Glasgow, where the COP26 summit is being held, on Friday (November 5).

"How many more of these should they hold until they realise that their inactions are destroying the planet? We are seeing the impacts of the climate crisis. I come from Kampala, Uganda, a country that has one of the fastest changing climates in the world."

Nakate called for "climate justice" and said people from the most affected areas should be listened to.

She warned that Africans are suffering the "most brutal impacts" of the climate crisis even though the continent is only historically responsible for three percent of global emissions.

But the campaigner also painted a picture of a brighter future.

"Once flooded places will dry and bloom again. There is triumph in the city because the power of the people finally won. The world is green again. Nature has been restored. The planet and creation is respected. Another world is necessary. Another world is possible, and this is just a glimpse of it."

The main aim of the UN summit is to keep alive a target of capping global warming at 1.5C above pre-industrial levels.

But youth climate activists are skeptical about genuine political will.

Campaigners and pressure groups have been underwhelmed by commitments made during the conference's first week - many of which are voluntary or set deadlines decades away.

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