Anne Hathaway says Gen Z has been her style inspiration

Anne Hathaway’s on-screen portrayal of a fashion challenged assistant to an Anna Wintour-inspired magazine editor in The Devil Wears Prada led her to become the style muse for several major fashion houses, including Versace.

Now, the 40-year-old Hollywood star has begun experimenting with new fashion trends, crafting mod looks, and stunting on every red carpet. While Hathaway’s induction into the fashion world can be traced back to her role in the 2006 film, the actor has revealed that she’s recently been taking style cues from Generation Z.

In a conversation with Vogue published on 29 August, the Princess Diaries star opened up about her motivation to take fashion risks in recent years. “I know this sounds like I’m super-pandering, but I’m really switched on by Gen Z,” she confessed. “It’s a fun generation when it comes to fashion.”

Hathaway went on to not only credit the group of individuals born between the late 1990s to the early 2000s for her style playfulness, but the artistic direction of standout designers. “I feel like designers are having a lot of fun,” she said.

“I feel like people are enjoying it. Maybe it was always the case, and maybe I was the only person in the corner watching everybody else have fun,” Hathaway continued. “But just the ability to enjoy it feels like it’s more available to me now than it ever was before.”

The Interstellar actor has been collaborating with stylist Erin Walsh on some of her most sought-after looks, such as her Karl Lagerfeld-inspired Versace number she wore to this year’s Met Gala honouring the late Chanel designer.

On her partnership with the stylist, Hathaway said: “She inspires me. Her style has really rubbed off on me, and the way she wears things, whatever it is, she always wears it in the most effortless way possible.”

Walsh expressed the same sentiment about Hathaway when speaking to E! News this past May. “What’s more stylish than a woman who is embodying her ultimate essence and dressing the part?” Walsh admitted. “Anne is beautiful inside and out. It’s very inspiring to see someone actually glowing.”

Much like her character in The Devil Wears Prada, Hathaway used to feel trapped under one aesthetic when it came to her everyday fashion. She explained how she preferred to play it safe, and didn’t realise that she could assume some of the unique looks that she’d seen others in.

“I thought that I could only have one,” the Academy Award-winner proclaimed. “I felt really lost because I didn’t know what that was until I realised I have so many styles. Once I realised that, then I felt like something clicked. But that’s just me. It’s different. Some people are like, ‘Nope, black turtleneck every day.’”

Whether she’s sitting front row at a Louis Vuitton runway show wearing a collared mini dress and elevated updo, or donning an all-latex black ensemble with sheer tights for Versace, Hathaway’s style can no longer be categorised under just one uniform.