Anna Camp and Rob Mayes Tackle Homelessness and Mental Health in Inspiring True Story ‘5,000 Blankets’

Anna Camp and Rob Mayes have paired up for an emotional project. “5,000 Blankets,” which debuts in theaters for two nights only (Dec. 12 and 13), is inspired by the real events that led to the Phillip’s Wish foundation.

The film follows a determined woman, Cyndi Bunch (Camp), who sets out to find her husband, Bobby (Mayes) after he’s had a mental breakdown and gone missing. Along with her son, Phillip (Carson Minniear), the pair are alarmed to see how many unhoused people there are, a realization that sparks “a movement of compassion” to help as many people as possible.

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The Sony AFFIRM Originals film is produced by Douglas Shaffer of Caspian Productions and written by Matthew Antonelli and Larry Postel. Amin Matalqa directs.

“I initially read the script and absolutely fell in love with it, especially after learning that it was a true story,” says Mayes. “I did as much research as I could before filming, but honestly there wasn’t much available online regarding Cyndi’s husband whom I portray in the film. Larry, Matthew Antonelli and Doug helped guide me.”

Rob Mayes and Carson Minniear
Rob Mayes and Carson Minniear

The actor and musician notes that he learned more and more about the Bunch family during filming — especially when he met Cyndi.

“On one particular evening, I had climbed into bed in my hotel room rather early, only to get a call on the hotel room phone from the front desk, letting me know that the ‘real Cyndi’ was in the lobby asking for me,” he recalls. “So I threw on some clothes and came downstairs to find this beautiful woman who gave me the biggest hug ever, looked at me and said something to me I’ll never forget: ‘He was taller.'”

The pair then spent the evening talking, and he played her an early recording of “Dark Nights,” the song he wrote for the movie days before. (In fact, the film features three songs by Mayes.)

“We both had tears in our eyes as we realized we were becoming fast friends,” he says. “I’ve always been drawn to stories of redemption and hope. Cyndi and Phillip are two incredibly strong people with the biggest hearts. It’s people like them and stories like this that change lives and inspire us to keep going, to help one another, to be decent, contributing members of our communities.”

He adds, “Hope is a beautiful contagion, and I hope we can help spread hope like wildfire.”

“5000 Blankets” debuts in 700+ theaters nationwide Dec. 12 and 13. Tickets, distributed by Fathom Events, are available here. Watch the trailer below:

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