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'Anker has outdone themselves': This powerful, compact charger is perfect for travel — and it’s $20 off

'Anker has outdone themselves': This powerful, compact charger is perfect for travel — and it’s $20 off

What is it?

Travel with a lot of electronics? Then you're likely well aware of the mess of large and cumbersome chargers that you often have to bring with you.

Fortunately, there's a solution! The Anker Prime 100W wall charger — which can charge up to three devices at once — has an ultra-compact design that won't take up much space in your carry-on. Since it's powerful enough to simultaneously charge three device, you don’t have to worry about packing the chargers for your phone, laptop and other devices. Just pack this, some wires, and you’re good.

On top of that, it's compatible with most laptops and it's able to charge your portable devices a lot faster than the dinky 15W charger your devices probably came with (it has a 100W maximum output plus fast-charging capabilities).

This Anker charger can juice up to three devices simultaneously. Its super compact size makes it a no-brainer for travel. 

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$64 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

You can admittedly find larger, less capable chargers for a lot less. For example, Anker's own 736 Nano II 100W charger retails for $60. Yet, it's still kind of a large brick. The Anker Prime 100W, on the other hand, packs in a lot of power in a smaller and more compact package. We should also note that Anker is a very reputable brand known for its reliability and durability. Still, we understand that $85 is a lot for some people. Fortunately, however, Amazon is currently offering this Anker Prime 100W charger at a 25% discount, making it just $63.74 — a new all-time low price!

Why do I need this?

It’s powerful enough to charge three devices simultaneously (think your laptop, phone and tablet) thanks to its 100W output, a feat few other chargers on the market can do. A lot of lower-powered chargers can only charge your phone and tablet. The Anker Prime 100W also features fast-charging for mobile devices. According to Anker, the charger can reduce charging time by 34 percent compared to the typical 15W charger that comes bundled with your electronics.

Even the ones that can charge your laptop simultaneously with other devices are quite large and therefore take up a lot of precious real estate in your bag and on your power strip. The Anker Prime 100, on the other hand, is ultra-compact — this lipstick-sized charger is almost half the size of the normal Apple charging brick, and the prongs flip up when not in use.

What reviewers say

"Thus far, Anker has outdone themselves," said one satisfied Amazon customer. "This device just 'feels' good — their industrial design team rocked it. It's small, rounded, the matte finish is pleasing. Beyond that, it has all the ports that I need when travelling."

They do point out a caveat though: "For powering laptops — the USB-C PD spec at this point I believe only goes to 100W. If you have a laptop that draws more than that and are using a PD to AC adapter it's probably going to pull more than what the adapter can supply, leading to the computer repeatedly switching between battery and power. In that case, do less stuff while charging. Or, if you have other devices plugged into the Anker that are drawing away some of that 100W, unplug them. Or just wait until you're done with your computer and charge when power is off."

People also love its portability. "Love that this charger has a small footprint and can charge all of my devices when I travel," said a review. "I use it with my Microsoft Surface Pro 9 and my phone. Love that I can also plug in my tablet as well and charge all three devices although a bit slower but works in a pinch. This thing is small, but dense and heavy. If you have loose power outlets it might fall out, but if you have normal fitting outlets you shouldn't have a problem."

Here's one testimonial from a customer who just loves its fast-charging capabilities: "I am currently living in a nursing home right now and am in a wheelchair, Anker is a company that I have used for the last two years now and they have not let me down at all especially value for my money. I needed this charger for one reason fast charging. The first time I used this charger I had Eight Percent left on my Google Pixel 7 Pro and in one hour the phone was fully charged. I was very impressed. The size was very compact for what this charger was able to do."

This Anker 100W charger is powerful enough for notebooks and fast-charging tablets and phones!

Save $23 with coupon
$64 at Amazon

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