Animals Treated to Egg-cellent Easter Gifts at Perth Zoo

Animals at a zoo in Perth, Western Australia, were treated to tasty Easter gifts, video uploaded on April 15 shows.

Perth Zoo shared this footage of resident otters, bears, tigers, dingos and monkeys gobbling up various Easter-themed snacks.

The Zoo said, “Otters foraged for bright, fishy iceblocks before devouring their hard-boiled eggs in the water. Sun bears ‘Bopha’ and ‘Jamran’ tucked into boiled eggs, peanut butter smears and solved puzzles to find tasty Easter apples. Meanwhile, tiger ‘Jaya’ tore open Easter boxes to find delicious chicken and a chicken broth iceblock”. Credit: Perth Zoo via Storyful

Video transcript

- Very good.



- Yummy?

- Look to the camera [INAUDIBLE]


- That's better. [INAUDIBLE]. Yes.

- They say they both have different techniques to get stuff out of tubes.

- Oh, god.


- Girls and boys, remember-- quiet, quiet.


- [INAUDIBLE], Darling.




- Yeah, [INAUDIBLE].

- Cleary.






- Oh, my god.

- I'm not [INAUDIBLE]


- OK.

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