Animal rescue organisation reunites lost leopard cub with mum

A lost leopard cub was reunited with its mother after they got separated from each other in a successful operation in central India by Wildlife SOS and the Forest Department.

The rescue took place near Nirgude village in Junnar, Maharashtra on March 2, in a sugarcane plantation after farmers discovered the female cub, believed to only be about eight-weeks-old, and called the forest department for assistance.

Leopards are known to use sugar plantations during harvest season as hiding spots when breeding, as the cub was found crying from behind a thick clump of sugarcane.

The animal was found to be fit for release after a thorough medical examination, and the rescue team immediately prepared all the requisite equipment including a safe box and a remote-controlled camera trap.

After a while, a leopardess was observed stealthily making her way to the safe box and was incredibly relieved to find her cub, safe and alive, inside.

Mahendra Dhore, Wildlife SOS Veterinary Assistant commented “The 8-week-old cub was incredibly young to survive on her own. We would like to ensure that leopard cubs that get separated from their mothers don’t end up in captivity if we can help it.

"We want them living freely in their natural habitat. Wildlife SOS makes every effort to make such rescue and reunion operations possible.”