Animal Service Office Rescues Owl Tangled in Soccer Net in Santa Fe

An animal service officer rescued an owl that was tangled in a soccer goal net in Santa Fe, New Mexico, as seen in body cam footage released in early July.

Video released by Santa Fe Police Department shows animal service officer Baylee Baker cutting the netting to free the bird, before it flies into the distance.

The police department praised the officer’s “amazing job” freeing the owl. Credit: Santa Fe Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript

BAYLEE BAKER: Yeah, you're right. Oh, no, that's--

- I called one of our coaches because he works for Game and Fish. And he's going to call the game warden.

BAYLEE BAKER: So what we usually do is we take them to the Wildlife Center, especially if they're injured.

- Yeah, unless that's a--

- Oh, you--

BAYLEE BAKER: That's another animal.

- OK. OK. He was eating something.

- Yeah.

BAYLEE BAKER: Hi, buddy. All right. All right. You're OK.





All right. I'm trying to help you.


You're all right, dude.

- A minute. One minute.

- The only word I can--

BAYLEE BAKER: There he goes.

- --aforementioned--

- There it goes.

- Did it go?

- I'm [INAUDIBLE]. I'm not watching.

BAYLEE BAKER: He's so cool, man. All right. [INAUDIBLE] body cam. Happy ending.

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