Animal activist helps crippled sea turtle lay its eggs on south Indian beach

An animal activist in south India assisted a sea turtle with a damaged flipper in digging a hole to lay its eggs.

The encounter was filmed on March 3 on the shores of Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu, as a female Olive Ridley turtle walked ashore, but was unable to

Olive Ridley turtles are known to lay eggs on the 50km beach during the breeding season that starts from December to March.

Due to poaching and predation by other animals, the forest department of the state has taken steps to support the rare reptiles.

One animal activist, named Chella, went to collect the eggs at around 3:00 am, but later that morning he discovered one turtle that was having difficulties digging the pit to lay its eggs.

At first the activists kept their distance as sometimes turtles view approaching people as threats, however the female turtle appeared to be sitting still and unable to lay its eggs.

Chella then discovered that the female had a damaged back flipper and assisted it by digging out more sand, allowing it to lay its eggs, and then another volunteer helped it back out to sea.