Angry Singapore customer and florist trade expletives over V-Day bouquet

Milad Hassandarvish
Angry customer confronts a Singapore-based florist for bad customer service and poor quality flower banquet in a heated WhatsApp conversation. — Picture via Facebook/FloralGarageSG

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 18 – Valentine’s Day means booming sales for florists, but for one Singapore-based store, the day saw a flood of complaints from angry customers.

A flower shop, Floral Garage Singapore that also provides online services, got into a heated exchange with an angry customer due to poor services.

According to Singapore’s citizen journalists’ portal Stomp, the customer, who is only identified as Duckben, had requested for a bouquet of flower and a postcard with a personal message to be sent to his wife on Valentine’s Day.

However, things apparently didn’t go down as planned for Duckben when he found out that the S$74.50 (RM222) bouquet he had ordered was spoiled and didn’t carry his personal message.

Based on screenshots of the WhatsApp conversation on Stomp website, angry Duckben expressed his disappointment to the flower shop in a text message and even used a vulgar word.

In an unexpected response, the florist replied in the same manner and even insulted the customer’s wife.

“My wife received the flowers without a card. Is there a problem with my message?” read’s Duckben’s WhatsApp messaged to the florist.

“Was the card and message left out intentionally? If not, where do you put the card?”

Duckben then expressed his disappointment and admitted that he should have stuck with his regular florist.

“Your f***ing flowers are not even addressed properly to my wife and you have the audacity to put your brand name on the flower instead,” said Duckben.

He also told the florist that the bouquet he had received looked distasteful and nothing like what’s on the website.

In a complete turn of events, the florist replied: “Ask your F***ing wife to take out the logo card, message is under there” followed with a thumbs-up emoji.

When Duckben sarcastically replied “great customer service,” the florist responded in kind and said “great customer.”

The heated conversation continued with the flower shop eventually calling it a “misunderstanding” and thanking the angry customer for his feedback.

Duckben also acknowledged that there was indeed a misunderstanding over the card but not for insulting his wife.

Speaking to Stomp, Duckben said he was not happy with the shop’s products and when he criticised them, not only could they not take the feedback, they ended up scolding his family.

He also alleged that there were at least 20 comments complaining about Floral Garage on their social media pages over the weekend but according to him, the comments have been deleted ever since.

In response to Duckben’s allegations, Floral Garage spokesperson told Stomp that the customer’s message was written in between the postcard and was stapled to protect the privacy of the message, which led to misunderstanding.

Commenting on Duckben’s feedback about the looks of the flowers, the spokesperson said their products are not meant to look like any of the display photos on their website.

“Those photos are simply samples of past designs as stated in the product's description on the website.

“As a florist, we design flowers based on colour theme and style, and can never match totally,” he added.

When asked about the use of vulgar language, the spokesperson defended his staff despite agreeing that the use of abusive insults was not right under any circumstances.

“I would think it is reasonable that our staff would respond in kind as the customer was being rude to him.

“I hope you understand this from a customer service point of view,” he said adding that his staff was still being helpful.

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