Angry dad in your area: Man allegedly burns daughter’s precious K-pop merchandise, gets trashed by Internet

A man allegedly burned his daughter’s K-pop merchandise for unknown reasons based on a viral video that circulated last Friday.

The young schoolgirl in the video was seen wiping away tears from her cheeks after learning that her father had burned all of her favourite K-pop memorabilia. Her predicament went viral after it was posted by Twitter user @tinybamtyun who condemned the girl’s parents for what they did.

She searched her room for any residual fragments as she moved about. According to the video’s caption, she received some of the pricey items as gifts from her friends and purchased others with her own money.

The videos which were apparently filmed by the girl’s mother also showed her combing over the burned ground outside of her house in an effort to recover some of her most priceless possessions.

However, checks by Coconuts showed that the Tiktok videos have been taken down and the mother has posted an apology for uploading the videos.

Most of the things her father set on fire were completely destroyed. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, she was able to locate a box that contained some of her favourite possessions, but it had burnt sides.

The father allegedly burned everything because he didn’t like the objects in her room.

Her parents were criticised for not talking to their child before trashing their possessions by online users who felt bad for her. How you like that, now?