Angry Customer Throws Soup in Face of Texas Restaurant Manager

Police in Temple, Texas, say charges are pending against a woman who hurled a container of soup in the face of a manager inside a Mexican restaurant on Sunday, November 7.

According to WFLA, the customer returned to the Sol de Jalisco restaurant to complain that the soup she had picked up was hot, and that the heat had melted the plastic lid. The woman began a verbal altercation with the manager before throwing the soup in the manager’s face, the Temple Police Department said.

Deputy Chief Allen Teston on Tuesday said they “do not condone this type of behavior” and urged people who believe they have received poor service “to remain civil until the problem is resolved,” KWTX reported.

The soup-throwing woman, who has yet to be identified, left before police officers arrived.

The manager who was struck by the soup, Jannelle Broland, said in video posted to TikTok that the customer had verbally abused her on the phone prior to entering the restaurant. Broland said she had offered to help the woman, but said the customer never asked for replacement or a refund, and “just wanted to complain.”

Broland said the soup was no longer hot when it hit her, but said spices in the soup made her eyes burn, and that she later had two nosebleeds. Credit: Sol de Jalisco via Storyful

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