Anger as motorists get £60 parking fines after new rules 'too small to read' are implemented

Mark Banner was fined after popping into Tesco Express and parking in a space that wasn't marked as a bay. (SWNS)
Mark Banner was fined after popping into Tesco Express and parking in a space that wasn't marked as a bay. (SWNS)

Motorists have expressed anger after new rules at a car park on signs "too small to read" led to several people being fined.

Shoppers and business owners have criticised the parking company for cashing in on the "ticketing chaos" at Henwick Park trading estate, in Worcester.

For decades drivers had enjoyed relaxed parking restrictions at the site, which serves multiple businesses, until strict new measures were introduced in August.

Since then motorists say they are being hit with £60 fines for driving in and out of the car park if there are no spaces - or parking slightly over the white lines.

The car park in Worcester. (SWNS)
The car park in Worcester. (SWNS)

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One frustrated driver Mark Banner, 58, says he now cycles to the shops fearing he will get another parking charge.

He was hit with a fine when he parked up to pop into Tesco Express arriving at 12.24pm and leaving at 12.27pm on October 21.

He said: "Because it was full I parked in a place people have been parking for decades. There is room for another car, but no bay."

He added the text on the new signs informing people of the changes is "too small and confusing" to read.

Mark said: "I will take it to court.

"I'm 58 I have been coming here 45 years, supporting the local shops. If I have to pay it I will never use this car park ever again."

In the summer, signs were put up informing drivers of new rules, which included a maximum stay of four hours and no parking between 11.30pm and 5.30am.

Drivers also have to park "within the confines of a single marked parking bay".

Business owners frustrated with new rules

Staff at Posh Wash dry cleaning said they had been hit with four tickets which rise to £100 if not paid within 14 days.

Another trader, who did not want to be named, said: "We have had a lot of people coming in saying they have had tickets.

"One of the rules is you have to go into one of the businesses but people have been fined even though they came in.

"The idea behind it might be a good one but the way it is being applied needs looking at."

Motorists have complained the signs detailing the new rules are too small. (SWNS)
Motorists have complained the signs detailing the new rules are too small. (SWNS)

Johnson Fellows, the managing agent for the car park, said: "Car park management was implemented in September 2023 following feedback from the commercial tenants after receiving complaints about the abuse of the car park and customers not being able to park.

"We appointed an accredited operator to ensure the car park is managed efficiently.

"The operator ensures all signage and PCNs are issued in accordance with regulations and offers an online appeal process and further assistance with all PCNs issued."

UKPS, which manages the car park, has been contacted for comment.

How to appeal a parking fine

Many people often feel like paying the fine before it is increased after the usual 10 or 14-day warning is easier than appealing something they may lose.

According to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, 63% of the appeals they handle are successful, without around a third of the companies in charge of the parking space not even contesting them.

In order to lodge an appeal you must first identify if you've been charged by a private business or local authority.

Tickets from local authorities are called Penalty Charge Notices, Excess Charge Notices or Fixed Penalty Notices, all others are issued by businesses.

Find any evidence you can that may support your claim, whether that's a picture, CCTV or witness statement.

Medical emergencies can also be a valid excuse.

You will then need to find the necessary form to lodge your appeal with the body that issued the fine and submit it with your evidence.

If this appeal fails then you can go to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal who can make a final ruling on the ticket.