Anger as India’s Go First cancels flights

STORY: Crisis-hit Indian airline Go First was forced to suspend flights on Wednesday (May 2).

It comes after the budget carrier filed for bankruptcy the day before.

Go First blamed what it called 'faulty' engines for grounding of half its fleet.

It's in a dispute with maker Pratt & Whitney, which denies its engines are to blame for the airline's problems.

Passengers in hubs around the country were frustrated by cancellations.

Some had to wait hours at the airport, or rebook tickets in a hurry after paying extra money.

"I have been waiting since 4am and I asked them about the flight, and they told me it's cancelled. My family members are calling me as I didn't reach home. They are worried; I am tense. I have heavy luggage, what will I do? I don't have money."

"Yesterday, I received a message that the flight was cancelled so, we are facing losses firstly. And secondly, I had to pay more for another flight."

Go First is the fist major airline to collapse in India in four years.

The company said the insolvency proceedings were aimed at reviving the airline and not selling it.

Though its bankruptcy call surprised lenders.

Go First's filing said it owed $798 million to financial creditors.

The airline's CEO said Wednesday its owner Wadia Group was committed to Go First, and had no plans to exit.