Anger boils over for truck drivers stuck in Dover

Angry crowds gathered in Dover, scuffles broke out with police officers, and one person was arrested.

As thousands of frustrated truck drivers were left stranded by a ban on freight to and from France to stop the spread of a new highly infectious variant of the coronavirus.

Paris and London agreed late on Tuesday (December 22) that drivers carrying a negative COVID-19 test result could board ferries for Calais.

Many of the mostly European drivers have been stranded with their trucks without access to hot food or bathroom facilities.

They’ve grown increasingly angry as it became clear they may not get home in time for Christmas with their families.

Spanish truck driver Sergio Robles says it just isn't fair:

"Christmas with my family... I've been away for seven days, working hard in order to arrive for Christmas at my home. Nothing - not Christmas, not anything. We're going to spend it here or on the journey, on the motorway. I think that it isn't right to do things like this to people who are working. We aren't on holiday, we are working. We want our rights like anyone else."

The plan to get drivers out now is through rapid testing.

Anyone with a positive result will take a more comprehensive PCR test, which takes longer to get a result.

And anyone testing positive again will be given a hotel room to isolate.

The Road Haulage Association, which estimated there were up to 10,000 trucks being held up in Kent, said the situation was chaos as the testing system was not yet ready.