Angelica Panganiban not talking to Carlo Aquino anymore

15 Mar – It's official - there will be no CarGel anymore. Angelica Panganiban recently admitted that she is no longer friends with her former boyfriend and onscreen partner, Carlo Aquino.

The actress, who spoke to PEP about the recent rift between her and her "Exes Baggage" co-star, stated that it has been a while since the two of them communicated with each other.

Asked how they deal with each other while working on their show "Playhouse", Panganiban replied, "Civil."

As to whether she would say yes to working with Aquino again, Panganiban said that only time will tell.

"Maybe, if were still alive. Maybe when we're Tita Glo's age," she said, referring to 85-year-old veteran star, Gloria Romero.

Despite their situation, Panganiban refused to comment whether or not the actor - whose career has been on the rise since working with her last year - was using her for fame.

As to whether their falling out was caused by a third party, she responded, "I can't answer that."

(Photo Source: Angela Panganiban Instagram)