Angela Merkel: We should all be feminists

At an event with Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie at Dusseldorf Schauspielhaus theatre, Merkel said: "In principle, it is about men and women being equal in the sense of participating in social life, in life as a whole. And in this sense, today I can affirmatively say: Then I am a feminist."

Merkel referred to an event at the Women20 summit in Berlin in 2017, when she was asked if she would describe herself as a feminist. "Back then, I was a bit shy when I said that on stage. Today it is better thought out. And therefore, in this sense, I can say: Yes, we should all be feminists", Merkel said.

Merkel also spoke about her experience during her years as Germany's chancellor and her future plans.

"Well, I don't have a narrative. I live in the present more than some others," she said.

Germans will elect a new parliament on Sept. 26 and Merkel will not run for a fifth term.

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