All About the Angel Number ​​222 and What It Means For Your Daily Life

In numerology, the Angel number 222 is 'a calling to focus on who you're partnering with,' according to astrologer Lisa Stardust

Angel number 222
Angel number 222

If you’re constantly seeing the number 222, don’t ignore it — it could be the universe sending you a sign.

In numerology, a recurring number that we see over and over again is referred to as an Angel number. These series of numbers are said to “connect us with the divine” and are believed to have “a significant meaning that evokes our intuition, subconscious, and the spiritual world,” astrologer and bestselling author Lisa Stardust tells PEOPLE.

Oftentimes, these numbers can pop up out of nowhere, such as a license plate or a clock, but they are believed to be incredibly special as they offer special messages.

Though not associated with astrology, these Angel numbers reveal a lot about ourselves similar to zodiac signs.

There are a range of different Angel numbers in numerology, from 111 to 777, and each holds a special significance.

Here’s what to know about the meaning behind 222 and what it means for your daily life.

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What does the Angel number ​​222 mean?

This Angel number is often associated with partnerships, whether that be romantic or professional. Stardust notes that seeing the number 2 in sequence serves as “a calling to focus on who you're partnering with.”

“Finding harmony and peace is essential, but these sentiments will find you,” Stardust adds. “A connection between the spiritual and physical world can enlighten you.”

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What should you do if you keep seeing the Angel number ​​222?

If you’re seeing this number in your life, Stardust notes that it’s important to take a look at your actions and how you're treating others.

“If you give your all to someone, or vice versa, it’s time to find a middle ground,” Stardust says, noting it’s important to “assess your relationships” and how you’re interacting with one another. “This will let you find new and inventive ways to connect with others,” Stardust adds.

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How does the Angel number ​​222 affect your daily life?

Angel numbers can affect our lives in many different ways. For the Angel number 222, specifically, this could mean that you’re due to commit “to someone who is your true partner and balances your energy,” according to Stardust, who adds that “opposites attract and can create a beautiful relationship.”

When it comes to your career and workplace, Stardust notes that “you may find that an opportunity is coming your way that will elevate your career status,” whether that be a new connection or partnership.

This number could play a role in your platonic relationships as well. When attracting new friends, Stardust notes it’s important to find people who are “on the same vibration” as you. “Connecting with people who share your interests and passions is key,” Stardust adds. 

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