Andy Murray vs Alexander Zverev LIVE: Qatar Open result and reaction

Andy Murray is seeking a place in the Qatar Open qaurter-finals  (EPA)
Andy Murray is seeking a place in the Qatar Open qaurter-finals (EPA)

Andy Murray claimed another sensational victory to continue his stirring 2023 season as he outlasted Alexander Zverev in almost three hours to reach the quarter-finals of the Qatar Open.

After surviving match points against Lorenzo Sonego in the opening round, Murray prevailed against former world No 2 Zverev 7-6 2-6 7-5 after overturning the momentum in the deciding set.

Murray broke Zverev’s serve late in the decider before serving out the victory against the reigning Olympic champion and tournament’s fourth seed.

The match was a reward for the three-time grand slam winner after emerging from an epic first-round encounter against the Italian Sonego to build on an impressive Australian Open campaign - where Murray also defeated a top-20 player in Matteo Berrettini.

Follow all the reaction in our live blog below:

Andy Murray vs Alexander Zverev - live updates

  • Andy Murray defeats Alex Zverev 7-6 2-6 7-5 in three-hour epic

  • Zverev hits back to win one-sided second set 6-2

  • Murray wins tight opening set 7-6 in 78 minutes

  • Murray saved match points to battle past Lorenzo Sonego in the last 32

Andy Murray 7-6 2-6 7-5 Alexander Zverev - GAME, SET AND MATCH!

19:44 , Jamie Braidwood

That’s an extraordinary win! How has Murray just done that?

The second set was so one-sided as Zverev hit back following the first-set tiebreak, and Murray barely got a look at his opponent’s serve.

But after almost three hours and with Zverev two points away from the deep deep in the decider - Murray turned it around to break Zverev and reach the quarter-finals!

Another epic contest.

Andy Murray 7-6 2-6 7-5 Alexander Zverev - GAME, SET AND MATCH!

19:40 , Jamie Braidwood

So after almost three hours, Murray will serve for the match.

Zverev takes a wild swing at the forehand - long! 15-0

But then Zverev takes charge: brutal power from the German, eventually blasting through Murray’s defence! 15-15

Wide from Zverev! Another wild swing on the forehand side! 30-15.

Now Zverev nets off the Murray first serve! Two match points.

Zverev saves the first with a good backhand down the line followed in by the volley.

Tense rally: but Zverev gives Murray a chance with the drop shot, and Murray powers away the backhand winner!


*Andy Murray 7-6 2-6 6-5 Alexander Zverev - Murray breaks!

19:38 , Jamie Braidwood

Now, as Murray wins the first point on the Zverev serve for the first time this set, what pressure can he put on his opponent?

The answer: a stunning drop shot from Murray! That was brilliant, from the baseline - it died with the backspin!

0-30, but Murray then can’t beat Zverev with the defensive lob and the German puts away the smash.

Error from Zverev! He can’t get down to a slice from Murray - and suddenly the 35-year-old gets two break points!

These are his first since the first set: and Zverev goes long! Absolute robbery! How on earth has he done that in the 11th game of the decider?!?!

Andy Murray 7-6 2-6 5-5 Alexander Zverev*

19:26 , Jamie Braidwood

Right then, can Murray serve to stay in the match?

Zverev sends Murray stretching on the opening point but Murray responds with a good serve out wide.

Oh that’s a brilliant drop shot from Zverev, from the baseline - completely catching Murray off guard.

15-30, but Murray follows in an attack to the Zverev baseline and puts away the volley at the net. Well played.

30-30, and a forehand winner from Murray from inside the court!

That was brilliant, but Murray then slumps a backhand into the net.

Deuce, but Murray is able to get out of it on his second serve as Zverev goes long! We go on.

*Andy Murray 7-6 2-6 4-5 Alexander Zverev

19:25 , Jamie Braidwood

“So poor!” Murray shouts after seeing a backhand hit in the net on the opening point of the Zverev service game. The Scot doesn’t get a look from there, as Zverev rattles out a hold to love.

Andy Murray 7-6 2-6 4-4 Alexander Zverev*

19:22 , Jamie Braidwood

A quick hold for Murray - just what was required.

*Andy Murray 7-6 2-6 3-4 Alexander Zverev

19:20 , Jamie Braidwood

Zverev is hitting 81 per cent of his first serves so far in this set - winning 88 per cent of those points. It’s why he has remained in such a strong position even with this set still appearing to be close. That said, if his level drops in a game Murray is showing that his belief is back from the baseline.

Crucial stages now as we head deep into the third set.

Andy Murray 7-6 2-6 3-3 Alexander Zverev*

19:16 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray lets out a big roar as Zverev fires wide on the forehand at 40-30. Murray needed that as he had just made an unforced error after getting to 40-15, but it allows him to quickly close the door.

Six straight holds of serve to start this deciding set.

*Andy Murray 7-6 2-6 2-3 Alexander Zverev

19:10 , Jamie Braidwood

Zverev continues to look very strong on serve, closing out the hold as Murray nets on the forehand.

Andy Murray 7-6 2-6 2-2 Alexander Zverev*

19:03 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray lets out a howl as Zverev gets a look at 15-30 but the 35-year-old then pounds a first serve up the middle.

Still, pressure on, and somehow Zverev sets up break point! The German followed in a backhand down the line but gave Murray a chance with the volley.

Murray went for the pass but Zverev sticks out a racket and somehow finds the winner!

Break point: and Murray is able to crush a forehand from midcourt, good aggression there, to save it.

Deuce. Murray is able to get to game point, and although he misses a big chance on the volley, he takes it with a big serve out wide.

Another test passed but he needs to start asking the questions.

*Andy Murray 7-6 2-6 1-2 Alexander Zverev

18:59 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray did not get a single look at a break point against the Zverev serve in the second set - as the German took charge of the match and improved his first serve percentage. Overturning that will be key to the match here, but Zverev gets off to a strong start with another comfortable hold.

Andy Murray 7-6 2-6 1-1 Alexander Zverev*

18:54 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray looked to be in a solid position on serve but Zverev then puts his foot down. The German moves into the net to put away a strong volley before firing a return right onto the baseline, almost taking Murray off his feet.

He steadies with a well placed serve out wide to save the break point, before forcing Zverev to go for a difficult forehand pass crosscourt that narrowly missed. And from break point, Murray moves in again to put away the forehand volley.

Important hold.

*Andy Murray 7-6 2-6 0-1 Alexander Zverev

18:47 , Jamie Braidwood

Zverev rattles off a hold to start the third set, where the pressure is on Murray to raise his level back to where it was over the first hour of play.

*Denotes next server

Andy Murray 7-6 2-6 Alexander Zverev* - Zverev wins the second set

18:42 , Jamie Braidwood

Now can Murray at least ask the question of Zverev and force the German to serve this out?

Zverev senses the chance to finish it right here as he moves into a 0-30 lead on the Murray serve.

Murray then moves in well to put away the volley before a lovely touch from Murray at the net gets him to 30-30.

Zverev nets on the net baseline rally but then draws Murray in and wins the exchange at the net to get to deuce.

It’s too good from Zverev, though. The German takes charge of the next two points and finishes it off with an emphatic smash.

That was a statement: the German was well on top there and is now in a strong position going into the decider.

*Andy Murray 7-6 2-5 Alexander Zverev

18:34 , Jamie Braidwood

Zverev moves a game away from the second set as Murray takes a swing at a crosscourt forehand winner. The German is fully in charge now.

Andy Murray 7-6 2-4 Alexander Zverev*

18:29 , Jamie Braidwood

Zverev picks Murray off at the net, which is proving to be an effective tactic from the German. Zverev is also controlling the baseline exchanges and as Murray pulls a backhand wide he is forced to look at a tough spot at 30-30...

Murray has a chance in midcourt but just pushes the forehand winner wide... it didn’t need to be that close to the line.

Break point for Zverev: but Murray comes up with the first serve and powers the forehand winner from the position he missed from just before.

Slightly better positioning from Murray there but he can’t get the hold as the misses again, this time from the backhand side.

Another groundstroke error from Murray - as he this time smacks a ball away in frustration - Zverev gets another break point and thinks he’s landed the winner down the line, but he’s wide.

Back to deuce, and now Zverev goes long. This time Murray can take the hold as he moves in well to put away the volley. He’s still only a break behind, so that was a vital hold.

*Andy Murray 7-6 1-4 Alexander Zverev

18:19 , Jamie Braidwood

Zverev looks unhappy again at the let machine but the German has hit more of a stride now and blasts two aces in a row to take the hold.

This feels like a entirely different match to the first set.

Andy Murray 7-6 1-3 Alexander Zverev*

18:16 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray makes use of the new balls to jump into an early lead on serve, and a smash and forehand later he takes a comfortable hold. That was better.

*Andy Murray 7-6 0-3 Alexander Zverev

18:13 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray’s just going through a bit of a slump in energy here, as Zverev holds to love to take a commanding lead in the third set.

Andy Murray 7-6 0-2 Alexander Zverev* - Zverev breaks!

18:10 , Jamie Braidwood

Zverev puts Murray under pressure in his opening service game as the edges to 15-30, before attacking the second serve. Murray can’t find his feet off the Zverev reutrn and the forehand pass is pushes wide.

Two break points: Zverev steps in well and then finishes the point brilliantly with a drop volley.

In a blink of an eye the German moves a break ahead in the second set.

*Andy Murray 7-6 0-1 Alexander Zverev

18:06 , Jamie Braidwood

Zverev still looked gutted as he came out to serve to start the second set, aggrieved at the let he felt he should have been called at 5-4 in the tiebreak. He’s also getting pretty annoyed with noise from the crowd.

After getting to 40-15, Murray adds to the pressure as he takes aim on a brilliant forehand winner off the Zverev serve. The winner from Murray is followed by a forehand error from Zverev - suddenly it’s deuce.

Zverev puts it all behind him with strong two points to close out the game. The German won’t be giving this up without a fight.

*Denotes next server

Andy Murray 7-6 Alexander Zverev - Murray wins the first set!

18:01 , Jamie Braidwood

That was a long and gruelling opening set -wrapped up in 76 minutes on the tiebreak. This match will likely go well over two hours at this rate, but that was a good job from Murray to win it. Plenty of resilience there from the 35-year-old, but what else would you expect?

Andy Murray 7-6 Alexander Zverev - Murray wins the first set!

17:54 , Jamie Braidwood

Zverev edges ahead at 4-3 after picking up an excellent angled volley from Murray, picking out the backhand winner into open court. Murray replies with a strong serve out wide that Zverev can’t return. Murray then powers the forehand winner down the line! He moves ahead again 5-4.

And a mistake from Zverev! He puts a shot into the net, after believing his serve was a let! That is the first point against serve and it gives Murray two set points.

Zverev saves the first with an ace out wide.

Now for the second... and Zverev goes wide! Murray wins the first set on the tiebreak 7-5!

Andy Murray 6-6 Alexander Zverev - Tiebreak

17:52 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray wins the first point of the tiebreak on serve but then yells at himself after a backhand slice tickles the net, and then Zverev puts away a forehand volley off the smash.

It remains on serve into 3-2 Murray, as the 35-year-old looks to outlast his oppponent in a marathon baseline duel! That must have been 30 shots or more, but Murray eventually fires long on the forehand.

It remains on serve at the changeover.

Andy Murray 6-6 Alexander Zverev

17:41 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray edges ahead on Zverev errors to get to 0-15 and 15-30 but Zverev replies with a smart volley and then big serve to edge back.

But 30-30 is a huge point and Murray reads Zverev’s drop volley before firing a backhand into the German.

Suddenly it’s set point to Murray! But Zverev finds the first serve out wide and then controls the forehand volley at the net.

Deuce: but Murray goes wild on the forehand from behind the baseline.

Advantage Zverev: but Murray then plays the shot of the match, a stunning whipped forehand winner down the line! Zverev challenged, but it was right on the line.

Deuce again: Zverev this time powers the forehand winner crosscourt.

Advantage Zverev: only for Murray to produce another stunning shot past Zverev, this time down low on the forehand volley.

But Zverev gets out of danger - he produces the first serve and then gets the better of the forehand exchange with Murray, putting a winner past the 35-year-old.

Onto a tiebreak we go.

Andy Murray 6-5 Alexander Zverev*

17:36 , Jamie Braidwood

Well, well. Murray races to a hold to love. It’s a while since we’ve had one of them, and now Zverev will need to hold serve to force a tiebreak.

The momentum feels like it’s turned in Murray’s favour. He’s won nine of the last 10 points and there were three unforced errors from Zverev in that game.

*Andy Murray 5-5 Alexander Zverev - Murray breaks!

17:33 , Jamie Braidwood

So now Zverev will serve for the opening set, but Murray makes a great start and the forehand lob forces Zverev into the error on the smash.

Murray then has a chance after reading the drop shot from Zverev, but pushes the passing shot wide.

No matter, Murray again causes Zverev a problem with a lob, which Zverev can’t return.

So two break points for Murray: and he jumps on the first opportunity as he attacks the Zverev second serve! A backhand winner goes straight up the line!

*Denotes next server

Andy Murray 4-5 Alexander Zverev* - Zverev breaks!

17:27 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray catches Zverev out with a clever drop shot from the baseline - but Zverev attacks the Murray second serve and is able to pin Murray back on his backhand side.

15-30: Murray goes for the drop shot again but this time Zverev reads it and puts away the backhand winner! Murray challenges - his last one of three - but loses it.

Two break points: Zverev hands back the first with a inside out forehand that lands halfway up the net. And then Zverev frames the Murray serve!

Deuce: a third drop shot of the game from Murray, Zverev returns, there’s a scrambled point, Zverev catches the baseline, there’s a call from the line judge, corrected by the umpire, and Murray is out of challenges!

Third break point: and this time Zverev takes it with the smash! Murray will not be happy with that.

*Andy Murray 4-4 Alexander Zverev

17:21 , Jamie Braidwood

Zverev looked to be cruising towards a comfortable hold before a couple of strange errors - both big mishits - gets Murray back into it. And another! A wild swing from Zverev and we are back at 40-40 from 40-0.

Zverev tightens with a big serve out wide - and Murray’s next return off the first serve is into the net. Good serving from Zverev there after a brief lapse.

Andy Murray 4-3 Alexander Zverev*

17:15 , Jamie Braidwood

Zverev looks as if he wants to turn the screw after two quality points from the German, built behind strong returns, cutting angles and swift movement, gets him ahead at 15-30 on the Murray serve.

Murray responds with a good serve up the middle and as Zverev frames the next return, the 35-year-old gets away with hold to stay in front.

*Andy Murray 3-3 Alexander Zverev

17:11 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray reads Zverev’s serve up the middle, as well as the follow up, to plant a lovely backhand volley into the front of the court. Facing 15-30, Zverev responds well on the forehand side, and ends up with a comfortable hold. Murray has coach Mark Hilton, trainer Phil Hayward and mum Judy is in player box in Doha.

*Denotes next server

Andy Murray 3-2 Alexander Zverev*

17:05 , Jamie Braidwood

Both players give away cheap points in the early stages of the fifth game before Zverev unloads on an excellent forehand winner to set up bring point: but Murray then follows in a lovely backhand slice to the Zverev backhand to force the error.

Deuce: and good power from Murray with the flat forehand to the baseline, as Zverev nets again. Zverev’s return is long and Murray moves ahead with a hold. A couple of fist pumps from Murray as he takes his seat.

*Andy Murray 2-2 Alexander Zverev - Murray breaks!

17:00 , Jamie Braidwood

Ah, that’s pretty class from Murray. He flashes back to back passing winners past Zverev to start the fourth game, one from each wing. You are left questioning Zverev’s movement, though, and doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as sharp as it was pre-injury.

Zverev pushes a forehand long on the next point to bring up three break points, and lands the most ridiculous netcord-winners you’ll ever see. No matter: Zverev gives the break back with a double fault, but Murray stayed aggressive with those opening winners to get off to a good start.

As we were.

Andy Murray 1-2 Alexander Zverev* - Zverev breaks

16:55 , Jamie Braidwood

A double fault from Murray gives Zverev a look at 30-30, but the German lets Murray off the hook with a heavy forehand over the baseline. Zverev then attacks the second serve with a backhand crosscourt, putting Murray on the back foot and forcing the forehand error.

Deuce: and Zverev’s hitting is solid and again pushes Murray into the error.

Break point: and great depth from Zverev sees Murray go long. The German moves ahead early in the match.

*Andy Murray 1-1 Alexander Zverev

16:48 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray concedes the first two points on the Zverev serve but then plucks out a stunning dropshot off the backhand slice. Murray gives away a gift on the second serve return and Zverev then pounds a first serve down the middle.

Andy Murray 1-0 Alexander Zverev*

16:44 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray gets off to a good start. He quickly puts away a forehand winner, then feels Zverev out in a long rally, which the German nets on. A big serve down the middle is followed by a wild swing from Zverev - and that’s a hold to love to kick things off.

*Denotes next server

Andy Murray vs Alexander Zverev

16:40 , Jamie Braidwood

This was Murray last time out. Whatever the time, whatever the year, there’s always a chance Murray is out there somewhere slugging it out and battling to a victory.

There’s a bit more attention on this match with Zverev, though, given the profiles of the two players.

Andy Murray vs Alexander Zverev

16:37 , Jamie Braidwood

Murray wins the toss and elects to sere as the fourth meeting between these two players gets underway.

Between them, Murray and Zverev have won the last three Olympic gold medals in the men’s singles.

Andy Murray vs Alexander Zverev

16:30 , Jamie Braidwood

So here we go, Andy Murray is back in action after surviving another marathon contest to kick off the Qatar Open. Murray saved three match points as he came back to defeat Lorenzo Sonego in the opening round, in what was almost a tribute act to his exploits at last month’s Australian Open, and will now look to follow that up against the former world No 2 Alexander Zverev.

The German is still looking to hit top form after suffering a serious ankle injury at last season’s French Open and was knocked out in the Australian Open my Michael Mmoh in the second round. Zverev is the fourth seed in Doha while Murray entered as a wildcard. The 35-year-old will be looking to boost his ranking ahead of Indian Wells and Miami next month.

Andy Murray vs Alexander Zverev

16:25 , Jamie Braidwood

Results so far today:

Felix Auger-Aliassime (2), Canada, def. Jason Kubler, Australia, 4-6, 6-1, 6-4.

Jiri Lehecka, Czech Republic, def. Emil Ruusuvuori, Finland, 6-2, 7-6 (2).

Alexandre Muller, France, def. Botic Van de Zandschulp (8), Netherlands, 6-2, 6-4.

Andrey Rublev (1), Russia, def. Tallon Griekspoor, Netherlands, 1-6, 6-1, 7-6 (6).

To come:

Andy Murray vs Alexander Zverev (4)

Liam Broady vs Daniil Medvedev (3)

Andy Murray vs Alexander Zverev

16:20 , Jamie Braidwood

Game, set and match! Rublev moves on to the quarter-finals after surviving a mighty scare against Griekspoor.

The Russian was 5-2 down in the deciding set and saved three match points but stormed back before winning the match tiebreak.

It means Murray vs Zverev will be on next, or at least in around 15 minutes or so.

Andy Murray vs Alexander Zverev

16:10 , Jamie Braidwood

Griekspoor steadies and moves a game away once again, with Rublev asked to hold to stay in the match for the third time.

This third set has been longer than the first and second combined.

Rublev duly holds with zero fuss - so we’re into the match tiebreaker. A finish is in sight.

Andy Murray vs Alexander Zverev

16:01 , Jamie Braidwood

Yep, Rublev hangs on.

The top seed breaks Griekspoor as he was serving for the match, saving three match points, and it’s back on serve.

We’re probably looking at Murray vs Zverev starting at around 4:30pm GMT now.

Andy Murray vs Alexander Zverev

15:59 , Jamie Braidwood

We’re getting closer to Murray vs Zverev... but we will have to wait a little longer yet.

That’s because Andrey Rublev has just saved three match points against Tallon Griekspoor as the Dutchman was trying to serve it out at 5-3 in the decider.

Griekspoor has got back to deuce in that game, however.

Novak Djokovic gives update on plans to compete in the US unvaccinated

15:44 , Jamie Braidwood

In other news in the world of tennis, Novak Djokovic says he is hoping for a “positive decision” after applying for special permission to enter the United States unvaccinated in order to compete in Indian Wells and Miami next month.

The US vaccine requirement for foreign visitors is not expected to be lifted before the start of Indian Wells on March 9, which means Djokovic is set to miss the prestigious ATP Masters event for the second straight year, as well as the tournament in Miami.

Djokovic was allowed to enter the Australian Open last month after the country relaxed its Covid rules but says his plans to compete in the US for the first time since 2021 remain uncertain.

“My plans after Dubai depend on the US. I’m waiting for a reply, it’s not on me. I will know soon,” Djokovic said at a press conference in Belgrade on Wednesday.

“Everything is in process. I’m thankful to the Indians Wells and Miami communities for their support. They would like me to be able to play in their tournaments. I’m looking forward to a positive decision coming soon, but it’s not in my hands.”

Andy Murray vs Alexander Zverev

15:29 , Jamie Braidwood

Andy Murray and Alexander Zverev have met three times before, with the Scot winning two of their previous matches - including a scalp in Cincinnati in 2020. Zverv won their last match, however, 6-4 7-4 at Indian Wells in 2021.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Andy Murray vs Alexander Zverev

15:17 , Jamie Braidwood

... and just like that - Andrey Rublev hits back against Tallon Griekspoor and takes the second set 6-1 in 28 minutes.

So we’re heading for a decider in Doha - after two 6-1 sets, which direction will the decider swing?

Murray vs Zverev is on after this one.

Andy Murray vs Alexander Zverev

15:14 , Jamie Braidwood

Andy Murray on facing Alexander Zverev:

“He was one of the top players in the world and had a bad injury at the French Open last year and is just coming back from that. He’s going to be improving every week just now. He’s not quite back at the level he was but injuries take time. Hopefully I can keep building on this one.”

Dan Evans suffers first round exit

14:59 , Jamie Braidwood

Dan Evans suffered an ankle injury as he was knocked out in the first round of the Qatar Open.

The British number two had broken Finnish opponent Emil Ruusuvuori to love in the opening game.

But as Evans hit his first serve of the match he appeared to tweak his right ankle.

The 32-year-old, seeded sixth in Doha, was promptly broken to love and had the ankle strapped during the changeover.

Evans battled hard to stay in the first set, fighting back from 5-3 down, but a double fault let 23-year-old Ruusuvuori take it.

Ruusuvuori, ranked 51 in the world, wrapped up a 7-5 6-4 victory on his second match point when Evans netted a forehand.

Andy Murray vs Alexander Zverev

14:47 , Jamie Braidwood

Andy Murray vs Alexander Zverev takes place after top seed Andrey Rublev’s match against Dutchman Tallon Griekspoor...

... Griekspoor has just raced to a 6-1 first set in 22 minutes.

Who’s playing at the Qatar Open?

14:45 , Jamie Braidwood

The Qatar Open is an ATP Tour 250 event, but it’s attracted a star-studded entry list.

Top Seeds:

Andrey Rublev (1)

Felix Auger Aliassime (2)

Daniil Medvedev (3)

Alexander Zverev (4)


Andy Murray

Andy Murray vs Alexander Zverev

14:38 , Jamie Braidwood

Andy Murray reached the second round of the Qatar Open after saving three match points in his comeback victory against Lorenzo Sonego. The Scot won 4-6 6-1 7-6 (4) on Monday, in another comeback victory following his exploits at last month’s Australian Open.

“It was really tough,” Murray told Prime Video. “We’ve never played or practised against each other. I didn’t know exactly how the match was going to go and took a while to get used to his game.

“He’s a very aggressive player and takes a lot of chances, plays high-risk tennis. He rolled the dice at the end and it looked like he had the momentum and then, thankfully in the mid-part of that tie-break, he made a couple of mistakes and I managed to turn it around.”

Andy Murray vs Alexander Zverev

14:32 , Jamie Braidwood


Andy Murray was hopeful that he might be able to take advantage of Alexander Zverev’s rust and progress to the quarter-finals, but the German may have enough quality to advance from a hard-fought encounter. Zverev to win in three sets.


Andy Murray win 11/10

Alexander Zverev win 8/11

Andy Murray vs Alexander Zverev

14:31 , Jamie Braidwood

Andy Murray’s match against Alexander Zverev is the third match on centre court at the Qatar Open, with a scheduled start of around 3:45pm GMT at the Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex in Doha.

How can I watch it?

Viewers in the United Kingdom can watch a live stream of the Qatar Open match on Amazon Prime Video.

Andy Murray vs Alexander Zverev

14:30 , Jamie Braidwood

Welcome to The Independent’s live coverage of Andy Murray vs Alexander Zverev in the last 16 of the Qatar Open.

A place in the quarter-finals is at stake in Doha as Murray looks to build on a hard-fought win over Lorenzo Sonego in the first round, with fourth seed Zverev having received a bye until this point.

Stick with us for all the action this afternoon.