Andy Lau saddened by Serina Lau's passing

30 Mar - Andy Lau was among the many celebrities who was saddened over the death of actress-dancer Serina Liu.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor who has worked with the Taiwanese dancer previously, stated, "I am so sorry. This is such a sad news. I hope that [her husband] Shin Lung can take good care of himself, his daughter, and the family."

Back in 2004, Serina became popular after dancing with Andy on the show, "Variety Big Brother". She also once recalled that Andy left her with unforgettable impression.

"I accidentally smeared lipstick on his shirt while dancing and was very nervous that his fans would scold me. He said that he wasn't married [at the time] and has no wife so it didn't matter," she said.

Serina passed away on 22 March 2020, four weeks after she fell into a coma during surgery. She was 44.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)