Andy Cohen Asks CNN to Allow Drinking for New Year’s Eve Broadcast: ‘Give the Daddies Some Juice’

"They need to let us drink. It's New Year's Eve,” he said.

<p>Michael Stewart/WireImage</p>

Michael Stewart/WireImage

Andy Cohen is pleading with CNN to reverse their alcohol ban.

While at BravoCon, Cohen told E! News' Justin Sylveste and Adrienne Bailon-Houghton that he asked the network to reverse their decision for this year’s New Year's Eve Live broadcast from Times Square with longtime pal Anderson Cooper.

“I haven't heard anything yet, but come on, they need to let us drink. It's New Year's Eve,” he told the E! News hosts. "That didn't go well last year in terms of viewer happiness about us drinking. People really cared and I hope CNN gives the people what they want."

He then joked, “Give the addies some juice,” in reference to himself and Cooper.

CNN did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment regarding a reversal of the ban.

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<p>Bryan Steffy/Bravo via Getty </p>

Bryan Steffy/Bravo via Getty

In June, the Watch What Happens Live host said on The Howard Stern Show that the alcohol ban was not a success and he is ready to celebrate on air with a drink in hand.

“What a bungle,” Cohen put it simply.

“People want to see me make Anderson giggle, and they love to see him do shots,” Cohen told Stern, explaining he and Cooper — who are going on 7 years of hosting the special together — were forced to get creative this year and drink pickle juice on the air to keep themselves and viewers entertained.

He then said that their efforts to “get around” the alcohol ban were “stupid.”

As the hosts rang in 2023, they cooperated with the network’s decision to not allow alcohol.

CNN Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper during the 2023 New Year's Eve Live broadcast
CNN Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper during the 2023 New Year's Eve Live broadcast

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"We aren't drinking, but we're going to have a BLAST," Cohen told Page Six ahead of last year’s show.

It was certainly a change of pace for the pair who are known for indulging in shots and cocktails during the broadcast.

In fact, just one month before the 2023 broadcast, Cohen told PEOPLE he intended to imbibe with Cooper as they led the holiday celebration once again.

"My only direction is to have fun. That's what I plan to do and I'm happy to cocktail it up," he told PEOPLE before the network's decision.

"I think people enjoy seeing me feed Anderson shots and that's on the menu," added Cohen.

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