Andrew Tate will stand trial on trafficking and rape charges, Romanian court rules

Andrew Tate will stand trial on trafficking and rape charges, Romanian court rules

The trial of Andrew Tate, a self-proclaimed “misogynist” online influencer accused of human trafficking and rape, can go ahead, a Romanian court said Friday.

Tate was indicted in June along with his brother Tristan and two Romanian citizens on charges of human trafficking, rape and forming a criminal gang to sexually exploit women – allegations they have denied.

The court in Bucharest, Romania’s capital, has not yet confirmed a trial date and the Tate brothers have already appealed the ruling, said Mateea Petrescu, a spokeswoman for the brothers.

Romanian prosecutors alleged the Tate brothers seduced victims by falsely claiming they wanted a relationship or marriage with them.

Eugen Vidineac, the Tate brother’s lead counsel, claimed Friday’s ruling “lacks legal basis and reasoning” and said they “have filed a strong appeal.”

Adrian Sandulescu, attorney for the other two suspects, likewise claimed the decision “is unlawful and without foundation.”

In March, a Romanian court approved the extradition of the Tate brothers to the United Kingdom – but only after the trial proceedings in Romania have been completed.

The Tate brothers, both former professional kickboxers, were first arrested in December 2022 and kept in police custody until April 2023, before being placed under house arrest.

Tate shot to internet fame in recent years, tallying billions of views on TikTok by ranting about male dominance, female submission and wealth.

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