Andrew Huberman Fans Are Absolutely Disgusted With His Behavior

Just Condemnation

While some podcast fans may blindly stan their parasocial icons, it appears that those who listen to Stanford neuroscientist Andrew Huberman are not among them.

In a striking number of posts on the r/AndrewHuberman subreddit, many of the podcaster's erstwhile followers are sounding off on the alleged mistreatment and bizarre behavior he enacted on former partners, friends and colleagues, as chronicled in a New York Magazine profile that takes a deep look into the 48-year-old's personal life.

As the NYMag article claims, Huberman manipulated several women into believing he was exclusive with them and that it was safe for them to have unprotected sex. Though it's unclear where she contracted it — not least because there's no approved test for it in men — one of those exes said she contracted human papillomavirus (HPV) after having only been with the now-famous podcaster.

"I respect the women who came forward," one post in the r/AndrewHuberman subreddit declares. "They’re going against a famous, successful, powerful man with an entire PR team behind him. They’re admitting they have HPV."

In another post, a Redditor takes to task not only the podcaster in question, but also the people who literally and figuratively buy what he's selling.

"Huberman didn't only humiliate these women," that user wrote. "He humiliated all the nitwits that bought into the carnival science he peddles and now don't want to admit they are nitwits for falling for what was always a carnival science show.

"It would have been a surprise if he wasn't a sleaze in his personal relationships," they continued, "based on the sleaze of his professional career."

Stan Culture

While there are clearly those who condemn Huberman's behavior, many others — including fellow Manosphere podcaster Lex Fridman — dismiss it.

"I understand separating the person from the knowledge," another user wrote. "Much of what he’s talked about is still sound advice, and I encourage everyone to continue using that advice to better your own lives."

"However, defending someone cheating on multiple women through lies and manipulation? Absolutely disgusting," they continued. "If you’re doing it, you should be ashamed of yourself. Stop hiding behind anonymity on Reddit and go post to your public accounts how much you support his behavior. See how many people like you after that."

Unfortunately, there are and will continue to be people offering full-throated support for Huberman and signing their endorsements with their real names — but it's good to see people refusing to get behind it, too.

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