Andhra minister taunts unemployed: 'If one feeds animal, it will be thankful but you aren't'

Srikakulam (Andhra Pradesh) [India], Nov 23 (ANI): Minister of roads and building in the Andhra Pradesh government, Dharmana Krishna Das on Saturday made a bizarre statement at a job fair at Government Degree College in Narasannapeta town here by stating that even animals and dogs expressed gratitude, which the unemployed youth present failed to do despite being provided opportunity to gain employment.

"If one feeds an animal with grass, it will be thankful. If you give a biscuit to a dog, it will be thankful. If one person gets help, he will be thankful. Even when our good chief minister has provided such a good opportunity (job mela), your hands are not raising to clap. It is not correct," Das, the YSR Congress Party MLA from the Narasannapeta Assembly constituency said.

The minister was speaking at the 'Mega Job Mela' here, which saw the participation of youth seeking employment. The crowd also included parents and wards of the youth.

"We should change, our thought process should change. What does a truthful leader need, the appreciation and claps from you people. Be it for me or for the chief minister. We do not expect anything. We do not want anything in return, except appreciation," he said. (ANI)