Andes farmers pray for rain amid drought

STORY: "When we raise our hands, we ask God to forgive us our sins and to ask for rain for our crops, because in the fields we don't have water, nor for the cattle," said Quispe, who climbed into the hills with community members to pray for rain.

Quispe and others climbed Lloco Iloco hill with their evangelical shepherd to ask for rain from both God and the local indigenous Aymara mountain deities, or Achachilas, raising hands to the skies while on their knees.

In the village of Zapana Jayuma in Bolivia, the arid fields show clear signs of heat damage.

"The land is very dry and we have not been able to plant potatoes, broad beans, or yams," said Cecilia Aruquipa, community manager in the area.

Around Bolivia, many areas have declared an emergency due to the drought, which Bolivia's National Meteorology and Hydrology Service expects will last until 2023, when the intensity of the La Nina is expected to wane. The drought has hit crops in Bolivia as well as in Argentina, Paraguay and Peru.