Ancom Truelife unveils ‘Healthy Nation’ brand offering affordable plant-based protein milk sachets

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

PETALING JAYA, Sept 1 — Healthcare solutions provider Ancom Truelife has officially launched its first brand dubbed Healthy Nation to offer a wide range of affordable plant-based health products.

The products were unveiled by Ancom Truelife Sdn Bhd executive chairman Datuk Hasnul Hassan, chief executive officer Joe Pramesh Ganesaguru and Ancom Nylex Berhad executive chairman Datuk Siew Ka Wei at its headquarters in Petaling Jaya.

Also present were Antah Healthcare Group chief executive officer Tunku Datuk Mohamed Alauddin Tunku Naquiyuddin as well as representatives from Watsons.

Healthy Nation offers three lines of plant-based protein milk sachets namely, Get Well, Flex Well and Vita Well - each offering specific health benefits.

Ganesaguru said the product range is oat-based to ensure the acid level is healthy for those who have gastric problems.

“Because the lactose in dairy products is the reason people experience gastric and feel bloated.

“We have data that shows two-thirds of the population in Asia having lactose intolerance.”

With that in mind, Ganesaguru said they used advanced formation based on scientific research and evidence to ensure the population get their much-needed protein for their growth and overall well-being through an alternative source.

He, however, noted that they didn’t want to have a “one size fits all” approach when formulating the new product range.

Instead, the firm looked into developing a wide range of products that address specific health problems mainly among the adult and elderly population.

According to Ganesaguru, Get Well contains high dietary fibre and sources of calcium for building strong bones and teeth.

“It also helps to ease the digestive system and reduce chronic inflammation.”

As for Flex Well, he said the product contains added vitamin K2, vitamin D3 and calcium acids to develop strong bones for adults and the elderly.

“There is also the Vita Well which has 28 vitamins, minerals and essential proteins to provide an adequate amount of nutrients in the body.

“The product also has probiotics and prebiotics to improve the digestive system.”

Healthy Nation offers three plant-based protein milk with specialised benefits for the adults and elderly. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri
Healthy Nation offers three plant-based protein milk with specialised benefits for the adults and elderly. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri

Healthy Nation offers three plant-based protein milk with specialised benefits for the adults and elderly. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri

Ganesaguru said the company is working closely with Antah Healthcare Group as its exclusive distribution partner to ensure the products are accessible to consumers across Malaysia.

“Through this partnership, we are targeting to have the Healthy Nation product range available at about 1,000 independent pharmacies and 600 Watsons stores by year-end.”

He said they were also expecting a sales turnover of RM6 million by the end of 2022.

Speaking about the product availability, Tunku Mohamed Alauddin said the distribution had kicked off last month with over 50 pharmacies currently selling the range.

“One of our strengths is that we are able to penetrate the independent pharmacies which range around 2,500 outlets across the country.”

Antah HealthCare Group is one of the largest Malaysian-owned healthcare marketing and distribution companies with a distribution channel of over 8,000 pharmacies nationwide.

Moving forward, Ganesaguru said the company will be unveiling three new products every quarter with healthcare solutions also targeted at children and senior care.

He said the products will soon be also available at selected clinics nationwide.

Ganesaguru said the company also aimed to target to enter the overseas market in Thailand, Philippine and Vietnam through the Ancom Nylex Berhad network.

The new products are a result of a joint venture between Ancom Berhad and Truelifesciences Holdings Sdn Bhd which was materialised early this year.

Siew said he strongly believes that healthcare has become an important part of people’s life after the pandemic.

“It’s not only to combat diseases and epidemics but also to improve the overall well-being of the people.

“We are confident that with Antah Healthcare Group and Watsons as our partners, we can succeed [in penetrating the market].”

Ancom Nylex Berhad is a diversified group with businesses in agricultural chemicals, industrial chemicals, logistics, and polymer, amongst others.