Amylea waves white flag for dad's sake

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2 Aug – No one would choose to seek help from the public unless the situation calls for it, and that's what singer-songwriter Amylea Azizan had to do recently, after her father Azizan Zainal Abidin had to be warded for his heart problem.

The singer had to wave her own white flag on Instagram Story earlier, revealing that she and her whole family needed financial aid to send their father to a private hospital after being told that there was a lack of hospital beds in the government hospital that they have frequented in the past.

"After calling so many private hospitals, we got IJN, but the deposit is a big high. If you guys have a little to spare, it would be really great," she wrote. "This is my white flag to you after two suffering years. Nothing worth more than his life right now."

In an interview with the media later on, Amylea admitted that she just didn't have any choice but to do so as it was an emergency.

"My dad doesn't have any insurance, and with me and my siblings not being able to work during the pandemic, it was the only way we could think of," she said.

Amylea has not been able to perform at events due to the pandemic
Amylea has not been able to perform at events due to the pandemic

The singer stated that she and the family have been taking their father to Hospital Ampang and Hospital Serdang for his treatment, but that the pandemic has complicated matters.

Expressing her gratitude to everybody who donated, the "Akademi Fantasia" alumna revealed that her father is now in a stable condition after being warded at the National Heart Institute.

"I am very touched by all the help. I hope God will double their blessings," she said.

(Photo Source: Amylea Azizan Instagram)

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