Amy Robach's Parents Learned About Her T.J. Holmes Relationship After She Sent Them an Article with the News

"We had spent enough time with you all that we knew that you guys were in sync in a lot of ways," Robach's father said

<p>Michael Simon/Shutterstock</p> T.J. Holmes (left) and Amy Robach (right)

Michael Simon/Shutterstock

T.J. Holmes (left) and Amy Robach (right)

Amy Robach’s parents revealed they found out about her relationship with T.J. Holmes along with the rest of the world!

On the Thursday, June 6 episode of the Amy and T.J. Podcast, Robach’s mom and dad sat down to break down the day the news broke about the former GMA 3: What You Need to Know co-hosts’ relationship in December 2022. They said they were on their way to visit Robach, 51, in New York, and when they got off the plane, they opened a text from their daughter with a link to an article.

“I read it aloud and neither one of us said anything,” Robach’s mom, Joan, said. “Just like, ‘I got nothing.’ And then, we got on a plane, said nothing. Got back, checked in at the hotel, said nothing.”

She continued: “Because I think both of us were thinking, and we're also pretty strong Catholics, so we were also praying, about how do we handle this right so that we don't hurt Amy's feelings. That was our number one goal. And so we took time before we even approached you.”

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<p>Amy Robach/Instagram</p> Joan Robach (left), Amy Robach (middle) and Mike Robach (right)

Amy Robach/Instagram

Joan Robach (left), Amy Robach (middle) and Mike Robach (right)

Holmes, 46, noted that he didn’t know Robach’s parents found out through a text message, adding that he “can't imagine” how they must have felt.

Robach’s parents revealed that she invited them over for dinner that night, but they declined. While Robach said it made her “panic” in the moment, she realizes they just needed time to process everything.

“I woke up the next morning and I remember mom, you sent an incredibly thoughtful text, and I remember just feeling my whole body just relax,” Robach shared. “And from that moment on, I know you all prayed that night and you took your time, which is actually something that I need to always do better at — to react verbally to how you're feeling emotionally is usually not ever a good thing.”

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Though she felt bad her parents had come into town while she was dealing with ABC, lawyers and PR, Robach said it ended up being the perfect time to have them around. After the news had settled in, Robach’s dad, Mike, said he realized looking back how Robach and Holmes were good for each other.

“We could see your on-camera chemistry, you know, and we had spent enough time with you all that we knew that you guys were in sync in a lot of ways,” he explained.

<p>Frazer Harrison/Getty</p> T.J. Holmes (left) and Amy Robach (right)

Frazer Harrison/Getty

T.J. Holmes (left) and Amy Robach (right)

Looking back, Joan said she sees how her daughter has transformed into a better person since dating Holmes.

“You're so much more settled,” she told Robach. “You're also so much more happy. I mean, you're just happy. I haven't seen you happy in quite a while.”

She added: “You're in love. I can see it.”

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Holmes then recalled a sweet moment about a year into dating, where Joan said “I got my Amy back.”

“I didn't fully comprehend what that meant at the time, but you went on and were speaking about how she has a different type of joy from your child,” Holmes said. “You talked about her in that way that night. I'll never forget that.”

Joan stood by her statement, saying she realized how much Holmes’ presence improved Robach’s life.

“We lost you for a while,” she said. “I mean, we'd stay in touch, but it was that you were very guarded and we could feel it. So, yeah, it was so lovely to have our daughter back.”

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