Amy Poehler, Michael B. Jordan and Cynthia Erivo to Teach With Harvard Professors for New Learning Platform Versity

Amy Poehler, Michael B. Jordan and Cynthia Erivo will serve as instructors alongside some of Harvard’s most prestigious professors with the launch of interactive learning platform Versity.

“Welcome to Versity,” literary critic and and director of of the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University Henry Lewis Gates Jr. said in a sizzle reel for the program. “These courses are designed to transform the way people starting out in their careers can succeed at work,” Professor Michael Sandel said.

Versity —which became available for purchase for organizations on May 1, with its full launch set for June — virtually brings together renowned Harvard professors and clientele from the Endeavor network. The professors and the celeb instructors will help mold and develop new professionals and skills that will assist them in navigating the workplace.

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The courses, which will all be virtual, include “Purpose, Perspective and Persuasion” with Professor Jody Freeman and Poehler, “Tech Ethics: Critical Thinking in the Age of Apps, Algorithms, and AI” with Sandel and Jordan and “How to Bring the Real You to Work: Authenticity, Connection, and Identity” with Gates and Erivo.

“Versity is a first-of-its kind platform that combines results-driven pedagogy with world-class storytellers to bring a unique and engaging perspective to learning,” Guy Schory, chief digital officer at Endeavor said. “By combining leading global minds, creative talent, and a dynamic, interactive technology platform, we are creating a whole new way to develop the leaders of tomorrow.”

Versity was developed to cater to the eve changing needs of the workplace, offering asynchronous courses in short chapters to provide participants and companies with a flexible way to learn the criteria on their own time frame.

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