Amsterdam's boats go electric ahead of 2025 diesel ban

Amsterdam is sailing into the future. The city known for its progressive nature - is making its waterways sustainable.

As diesel-powered canal boats will be banned from 2025. The Port of Amsterdam has introduced a floating charging station. It will power those vessels as part of the Dutch city's energy makeover.

The city also promises to have 100 boat charging stations installed by the end of 2021.

City officials say the transition to electric power is well underway - with 75 of commercials already qualifying as emissions free.

But that number falls to 5% when you look at privately owned boats.

And it doesn't come cheap - converting some canal boats to electric can cost up to fourty-thousand euros depending on the size.

With around four million passengers sailing on Amsterdam's canals every year - the city has its work cut out to making its waters green.