Amputated Palestinian man beats drum, calls on Muslims to eat for Ramadan

Haitham Nasr is a 22-year-old Palestinian man whose foot was amputated during the 2018 "March of Return" demonstrations along the border of Israel. Nasr tours the city of Rafah in the Southern Gaza Strip late on April 15 as he carries out the traditional role of a "Musaharati," or a "Ramadan drummer." Nasr awakens local Muslims for the predawn traditional "Suhur" meal before the start of the fasting on the third day during the blessed month of Ramadan. Haitham said: “The cause of the amputation and injury, I was one of the young men who went to the return marches with my friends, and I was targeted with an explosive shot in the knee that led to an amputation above the knee. “I decided to be a drummer before the injury. I was bewitched with my friends and I used to go out alone, but not permanently. After the injury, when I got better to walk on my feet, I went back to charm and encourage people.”