Amid shutdowns, Chinese women flock to skateboarding

STORY: ‘Surfskating’ has taken off amongst Chinese women

Many took up the hobby when lockdowns made summer travel difficult

Clubs, networks and group classes have sprung up across the country

E-commerce giant reported 80% growth in surfskateboard sales in June

compared with the same period last year

Dancer Duolan started teaching in April

Her class has grown from around 12 attendees to nearly 1,500

[Duolan, Surfskater / Community event organizer]

"I didn't really think much about creating a women's community at the beginning. I don't see it as my career or the core of my life. I just want to have a community for girls to hang out. However, as it coincided with a period when popularity of the sport exploded, and I personally felt that the atmosphere and idea of our community are in line with the needs of the girls who want to try out this sport, thus I brought everyone together. The group has gradually expanded in two months to nearly 1,500 people now."

Surfskating is a novice-friendly version of skateboarding

It’s considered easier to learn and less prone to wipe-outs

It uses a more flexible front-end wheel assembly, known as the 'truck'

to enable deeply carved turns akin to surfing

[Mina Zhao, 40-year-old Surfskater]

"I think my personality has also changed a lot since I started surfskating. I used to stay at home all the time and didn't like sports, but I prefer extreme sports. Surfskating gives me the desire to challenge myself more."

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