American woman claims she once fought off 50 men in Kuala Lumpur that were trying to grab her breasts, netizens say they're not convinced

As she shared her supposed encounter, Christine Hill accused Malaysia of being an unsafe country for white women.

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A former American journalist claimed that she had to fight off 50 men from trying to grope her breasts in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Photo: Getty Images)

A former American journalist, who resided in Kuala Lumpur for eight years, recently claimed that there was a time she had to fight off 50 men in Malaysia trying to grope her breasts. Christine Hill made no mention of the year when this incident allegedly happened.

Responding to a Twitter thread about a couple being sexually assaulted in India, Hill accused Malaysia of being an unsafe country for white women.

“India is not the only place like this. A white woman walking through Kuala Lumpur can expect to have her breast groped about every two minutes,” she wrote.

She also defended her statement when an X user called her allegations untruthful.

“Sorry no. I lived there in and off for 8 years and was harassed constantly as were all the other white women I knew," she said on X, adding that she "finally moved to Singapore because" she "had started carrying a big umbrella with me and whacking anyone who grabbed" her breasts.

"Walking from the Central Market to the Shanghai La one day—traffic was terrible—I whacked about 50 men ... all trying to grab my breasts. That’s when I realised I had to move,” she said.

“I brought up the most senior political leaders saying it was bad PR for the city. They had a name for it and laughed. It’s not rape but it is sexual assault. A decent country would prosecute this,” she added.

Netizens call out her story

However, a majority of internet users were not convinced with her account, especially Malaysians and foreigners who have stayed in the country.

One user pointed out that, "according to Google Maps, it takes 27 minutes to walk from Central Market to Shangri-La".

"If we consider that there were 50 men, that's roughly one every 30 seconds. I find it more plausible to believe that a single perpetrator could have been attacking every 30 seconds for 27 minutes than to imagine 50 perpetrators forming an orderly queue from Shangri-La to Central Market,” @atheistdadinmy said on Reddit.

Twitter user @jimachia wrote in reply to Christine's post, “I lived in KL for 30 years and never once encountered anything like this, nor did I ever come across news about females getting their breasts groped every 2 minutes. Please refrain from writing anything controversial without evidence. While we do have criminals, what you stated here is not the truth.”

“Christine, I'm certain you're spreading utter nonsense. Seeing white women in Kuala Lumpur is nothing unusual; many Malaysians have white family members or parents," another user on X said.

"Your wild accusations hold no truth. Even if Miss Universe were to stroll around KL, locals wouldn't bother them. Provide solid proof of your last address in Kuala Lumpur, or refrain from spreading lies!” wrote another X user.

“Not sure how much you are paid to post this but prove it. I am a Malaysian female, living and working in Kuala Lumpur, walking/strolling along Kuala Lumpur streets all the time, days and nights, but never once have anyone, male or female touched me, let along groped my breast,” said sally_ken on X.

Police statistics from last year indicate a decrease in documented cases of sexual harassment in 2022 compared to 2021. There were 477 reported cases in 2022, down from 506 in the previous year, with the majority of victims being women.

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