American Soccer Star Makes Young Fan's Day With a Wave

An eight-year-old girl was left ecstatic when soccer star Alex Morgan waved in her direction following the US Women’s National Team’s June 16 win against Nigeria in Austin, Texas.

Vicky Castillo has been a fan of Morgan since she began playing soccer at age five, her mother, Jessica, told Storyful. After telling her parents she wanted to see Morgan’s next game in person, her father surprised her with tickets.

“The first thing she said was, ‘I want to make a sign for Alex,’” Castillo said. “So she had her dad help her make a sign.”

The family drove from their home city of Dallas to Austin, where the US women’s team took on Nigeria at the Q2 Stadium, winning 2-0.

“The whole game she would get up and wave her sign around trying to get on the big screen, but it never happened,” Castillo said.

Following the game, the family moved closer to the field, with Vicky attempting to get Morgan’s attention by waving her sign and shouting, “Alex, you are the best!”

This video shows the moment Morgan waves in Vicky’s direction.

“That definitely was her favorite part,” Castillo said. “Vicky got so emotional and cried.” Credit: Jessica Castillo via Storyful

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