American singer Katy Perry hits a raw nerve for insinuating K-Pop boyband BTS fans are children

Sylvia Looi
American singer Katy Perry has been criticised for insinuating that fans of Korean boy band BTS are just kids. — Picture from Instagram/katyperry

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 9 — American singer Katy Perry has rubbed fans of popular K-Pop boyband BTS the wrong way for insinuating that they were children.

Perry reportedly made the remark at KIIS FM Jingle Ball music festival on Saturday, reported Korean pop culture site Allkpop.

According to the website, Perry was preparing to perform after BTS when she joked that the audience should be happy as “most of you get to stay up late past your bedtime”.

This did not sit well with BTS fans who took Perry’s joke as a jibe towards them in making assumptions about their age.

Some fans were so mad that they gave Katy Perry the silent treatment and turned off their lightsticks as she performed on stage, the website reported.

Korean website Koreaboo reported others staged a walkout following Perry’s remark.

The website said BTS fans initially stayed on after the group’s performance out of respect for the other performers but decided to leave following Perry’s “joke”.

Perry was attacked online on social media over her seemingly innocent jibe, with many branding her ignorant of the diversity of BTS’ fanbase.

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