American filmmaker JJ Abrams, wife Kathy McGrath and production company pledge to donate RM42.61m to fight racism

Anne Grace Savitha

Jeffrey Jacob Abrams, wife Katie McGrath and production company Bad Robot have pledged to donate RM42.61m to fight racism. — Picture via Instagram/jjabramsofficial

PETALING JAYA, June 3 — Star Wars director Jeffrey Jacob Abrams — better known as JJ Abrams, his wife, and production company Bad Robot has pledged to contribute RM42.61 million (US$10 million) to anti-racist causes.

Abrams and his wife, Kathy McGrath will be donating their share under their joint venture, Katie McGrath JJ Abrams Family Foundation.

This was announced on Bad Robot’s Instagram account three days ago that a whopping RM42.61 million will be distributed over a five-year span after recent social injustices that have been making headlines in the United States.

According to the post, an initial investment of RM852,000 would be channelled to groups fighting racism such as Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, Black Futures Lab, Community Coalition, Equal Justice Initiative, and Know Your Rights Camp.

“We at Bad Robot are grateful to the many scholars, activists, organisers and leaders fighting on the frontlines of change in our systemically unjust country.

“It is that constellation of thinkers and doers who have the blueprint to a more perfect, fair, equitable and kind union. Amid these trying times, it is also important to listen and investment is required, as written on the post.”



The statement also said, “Enough of police brutality. Enough outsized privilege. Enough white comfort. Enough lopsided access.”

The post has been liked over 2,000 times and has received a mix of comments from social media users.

“Thank you JJ Abrams and Bad Robot Productions for showing love and unwavering support to your African-American sisters and brothers. We do appreciate you speaking up and acknowledging that the American system is broken, unjust and must be fixed instead,” wrote one user.

Another social media user however commented, “You really should cast more African-American talents as there are barely any coloured actors on your account. I have also been told that my African-American friends can’t get roles because the sets aren’t diverse enough.”

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