American blogger based in Pakistan levels rape allegations against former Interior Minister

Islamabad [Pakistan], June 6 (ANI): Cynthia D. Ritchie, an American blogger based in Pakistan, has alleged that she was "raped" in 2011 by the country's then-"Interior Minister Rehman Malik" and accused former PM Yousaf Raza Gillani of psychically manhandling her.

In a video broadcast live on Facebook, she also alleged that two senior PPP leaders including former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani "physically manhandled" her when "he was staying at the President's House".

Cynthia is in the social media team of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Levelling serious allegations she posted a series of tweets, giving out further details. "Occurred at IM's house in min enclave 2011 around the OBL incident. I thought it a meeting about my visa but I was given flowers/ a drugged drink. I kept quiet - who in PPP gov't would help me against PPP IM? Recently they attacked family; I've had it. Ready to face any accuser," she said in a tweet.

Further, she claimed of having informed about the same to someone in the US Embassy, but due to "fluid situation", she said the response was "less than adequate".

"And, yes, I did tell someone at the UsEmb in 2011, but due to 'fluid' situation and 'complex' relations between US and Pakistan, response was less than adequate. I've been engaged to a wonderful man who I met in Pakistan. He encouraged me to speak out, so we can move on as a couple," she said.

PPP was in power in Pakistan in 2011.

Before going live on Facebook, Cynthia in a tweet claimed that over the years, she has been raped and assaulted by men in the highest ranks of PPP.

"#ZardarisFilthyPPP keeps threatening me. Why? Because they know that over the years I have been raped/assaulted by men in the highest ranks of PPP. They don't want the world to know. I have decided to go live on Facebook in approximately 30 minutes & continue to tell my story," she said in the tweet.

According to a Geo news report, former Premier Gillani while responding to the allegations, asked: "Can a prime minister ever commit such an act at the Aiwan-e-Sadr? What was the lady levelling such accusations doing at the Aiwan-e-Sadr?"

Rahman Malik has served as Federal Minister of Interior, Pakistan. He has been a member of the Nuclear Command Authority Pakistan and Defense Coordination Committee. (ANI)