American Airlines pilots to picket, citing fatigue

Pilots for American Airlines are fed up and ready to take their grievances to the picket line.

The labor union representing the pilots plan to start picketing in the next few weeks at some of American Airline’s major hubs in protest over work schedules and claims of fatigue, according to a union statement emailed to Reuters on Wednesday.

The union says the airline needs to fix the flight schedule to support safety and “respect pilots’ and passengers’ needs.”

American Airlines was not able to be reached for comment.

Airlines have had a bumpy recovery after the vaccine rollout sparked a resurgence in air travel. The industry has been unable to keep up – forcing delays and cancelled flights due mostly to the lack of staff, caused by retirements and furloughed workers who decided not to return.

At the same time, airlines are grappling with a spike in unruly passengers that have put the safety of flight attendants and other passengers at risk. Some airlines have responded by eliminating or limiting the serving of alcoholic beverages on flights.

Shares of American were down more than a full percent in mid-day Wednesday trading.

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