‘America’s Burning’: Abramorama Acquires David Smick Documentary For North American Theatrical Release

EXCLUSIVE: Abramorama has acquired North American theatrical distribution rights to the Michael Douglas-narrated documentary America’s Burning, directed by bestselling writer David Smick and produced by Ian Michaels. The film will hit theaters July 12.

America’s Burning follows the U.S. economy’s journey over time as the country has been a massive wealth-creating machine, but only half of the country has access to the markets. Capitalism has, as James Carville put it, become “a racket” — the ultimate corporate insider’s club, a system centrally controlled by the well-connected few. The middle class is shrinking, and the American Dream’s promise of social mobility for all who work hard is dying. However, America has an impressive history of resilience, and the film shows why our best days could still lie ahead. Watch a trailer below.

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Executive produced by Barry Levinson and Douglas, America’s Burning features interviews with Carville, James Baker, Derek Black, Ian Bremmer, Arthur Brooks, Amy Chua, Stan Druckenmiller, Katherine Gehl, Hawk Newsome, Leon Panetta and Larry Summers.

“I’m so fortunate to have been able to work closely with Michael Douglas and Barry Levinson on this film,” Smick said. “We share a very deep concern for what kind of country we are leaving our children and their children. We look forward to bringing this film and its message to people all over the country.”

Abramorama CEO Karol Martesko-Fenster added: “As our nation approaches its 250th anniversary, many U.S. citizens are disturbed by the growing divisions across the land. With America’s Burning, the filmmaking team provides an even-handed look at the importance of finding a path forward to once again aspire to the American Dream.”

Smick wrote the 2008 international bestseller The World Is Curved, which predicted the era’s global financial crisis. In 2020, with the help of Oscar-winning director Levinson serving as executive producer, Smick wrote and directed the feature documentary Stars and Strife. Smick founded The International Economy magazine in 1987 and currently Chairman and CEO of JSI Inc., a global macroeconomic strategy firm based in Washington, D.C. Since opening in 1986, its clients have included George Soros, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and many other of the world’s leading financial leaders and institutions.

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