Interviewer’s repeated flirty exchanges with Andrew Garfield go viral: ‘I would’ve died’

A journalist has gone viral for flirting with Andrew Garfield at different red carpet interviews, including a recent one at the Golden Globes.

Amelia Dimoldenberg reunited with the 39-year-old actor on Tuesday, after she first interviewed him back in November at British GQ’s Men of the Year ceremony. In a viral video on Twitter, Garfield could be seen laughing with and greeting the journalist, comedian and YouTuber, before she acknowledged that they’ve spoken at red carpet events before.

“Hi, how are you? We must stop meeting like this,” she said.

After struggling to contain his laughter over the situation, The Amazing Spider-Man star responded: “I only ever want to see you in these kinds of situations.” When Dimoldenberg asked if he’d want to see her in “other kinds of situations,” he said he was “not interested”.

As the pair continued laughing, the journalist said that she was planning on inviting him to her “birthday party” on 30 January. Garfield then asked her what her “astrological sign”, which is also referred to as a sun sign.

After revealing that she was Aquarius, they acknowledged that this was also Garfield’s moon sign.

He described what their similar signs could mean, adding: “If you have the sun sign that’s the same as the moon sign of someone else…That’s good.”

When she asked him why that was an issue, he said he didn’t think they “should explore this”. After stating that she “wasn’t asking” to do that, Dimoldenberg then joked that Garfield was “obsessed” with her, to which he playfully agreed.

“I’m scared of what it could turn into, and I’m not ready for that kind of thing,” the Tick, Tick... Boom! star added.

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Dimoldenberg then joked that she was ready for it, before asking Garfield to autograph her “best friend certificate”. He then walked away from her and said: “Bye best friend”.

Earlier in the Twitter video, which has more than 9.2m views, there was a clip of Dimoldenberg and Garfield’s interview in November. It began with the actor calling the journalist “great” and revealing that he’s watched her YouTube series, Chicken Shop Date.

She then joked about getting Garfield on her show and that she was asking him “on a date”, in that moment. He then poked fun at all the guests on her show.

“You date a lot of people,” he said. “It’s wonderful, it’s just like…I don’t feel special I guess.”

Dimoldenberg then told him that he was “special” and complemented Garfield’s photoshoot with GQ, where he posed shirtless with his arms raised.

“It’s my favourite image. It’s the background on my phone. You look hot,” she said.

Garfield then called her “sweet” and asked her if she “had an armpit thing”. In response, she said she didn’t and encouraged Garfield to just “take the compliment” that she was giving, which he agreed to before telling her she “looked beautiful”.

In the comments of the Twitter posts, many fans praised the pair’s two interactions and their flirting skills.

“Andrew Garfield knowing the compatibility of matching sun and moon signs; he’s such an astrology girl,” one wrote.

“Yeah I wanna keep bumping into Amelia too,” another wrote.

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“It’s so weird to see people who are genuinely just naturally very skilled at conversation and flirting,” a third person wrote. “I am the complete opposite of this man.”

Others shared how they would have reacted to interviewing Garfield and said that they want to see him interact with Dimoldenberg more.

“Not the ‘I only ever wanna see you’ pls I would’ve died on the spot…I would’ve just melted right into the floor,” one wrote, while another said: “Why am I smiling so hard I want them to exploreeee.”