Amelia Dimoldenberg and Hot Ones’ Sean Evans interview each other: ‘Biggest crossover in history’

In “the biggest crossover in the history of chicken-based interview shows”, Amelia Dimoldenberg has announced a special collaboration with Hot Ones host Sean Evans.

Dimoldenberg’s popular web series, Chicken Shop Dates, sees her interview musicians in fried chicken shops under the comedic pretence of taking them on a date.

She quickly gained fans for her deadpan style and exaggerated awkwardness – A-lister Jennifer Lawrence recently bucked the musician trend to appear on her show earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Evans’s long-running YouTube series sees celebrities take on progressively spicier chicken wings while answering interview questions. Doja Cat, Cardi B and England footballer Harry Kane are among his most recent guests.

On Tuesday (31 October), Dimoldenberg tweeted a video of her and Evans sitting down in front of each other. Evans appears to sit in a chicken shop while Dimoldenberg has the recognisable black background from Hot Ones with the show’s hot sauces lined up in front of her.

As the pair sit down, Evans says: “Well this is never gonna work”, while Dimoldenberg says simultaneously: “This will never work out.”

Both the show’s logos are then shown on screen. Dimoldenberg wrote that the special would drop “this week”; however, it is unclear how the pair will navigate both their shows’ premises at the same time.

Fans expressed their joy at the crossover in the replies to Dimoldenberg’s teaser with one writing: “This is something so serious to me.”

“The multiverse can’t handle this event,” wrote another.

“Please tell me you requested nuggets instead of wings,” one person said, referencing Dimoldenberg’s chicken shop order of choice.

In recent years, Dimoldenberg has seen her profile grow as she’s hosted red carpet ceremonies including Vanity Fair’s Oscars party and had high-profile guests on her show including Ed Sheeran, the Jonas Brothers and Louis Theroux (the latter of whose appearance spawned one of the biggest memes of 2022 and a hit remix by Duke & Jones: “Jiggle Jiggle”).

Evans is a former Complex journalist. He launched Hot Ones in 2015 and has interviewed hundreds of celebrities.

A 2019 episode with Paul Rudd spawned the meme: “Look at us. Who would have thought? Not me.”