AMD pulverizes Nvidia's RTX 4090 in popular Geekbench OpenCL benchmark — but you will need a small mortgage to buy AMD's fastest GPU ever produced

 Radeon Instinct MI300X.
Credit: AMD

First introduced in late 2023, AMD’s Radeon Instinct MI300X accelerator has made an impressive debut on Geekbench's OpenCL benchmark. The GPU took the top spot, thrashing all rivals, including Nvidia's RTX 4090, which it pushed down into second place.

The Radeon Instinct MI300X is built on AMD's third-generation CDNA architecture and TSMC's advanced 5nm and 6nm processes. It boasts 19,456 stream processors, 192GB of HBM3 memory, 304 compute units, 1,216 matrix cores, and a TDP of 750 watts.

These specifications led to the MI300X achieving a whopping OpenCL benchmark result of 379,660, significantly higher than the RTX 4090's score of approximately 320,000. Geekbench's tests were conducted on a Supermicro AS -8125GS-TNMR2 system, equipped with an AMD EPYC 9754 CPU.

A bit of a price difference

As is to be expected, the MI300X demonstrated impressive performance across all benchmarks. As well as the 379,660 OpenCL score, it delivered 435.2 images/sec in Background Blur, 279.7 images/sec in Face Detection, 18.4 Gpixels/sec in Horizon Detection, 42.4 Gpixels/sec in Edge Detection, 33.7 Gpixels/sec in Gaussian Blur, 1.28 Gpixels/sec in Feature Matching, an outstanding 1.59 Tpixels/sec in Stereo Matching, and 74,430.6 FPS in Particle Physics.

Comparing the MI300X with Nvidia's RTX 4090 is obviously unfair as the two products are tailored for very different markets. The MI300X is for data centers, AI applications, and high-performance computing tasks that require extensive memory and processing power. It’s a direct competitor for Nvidia's H100. In contrast, the RTX 4090 is designed primarily for gamers and creative professionals.

Another key distinction between the two GPUs is pricing. While the RTX 4090 will set consumers back around $1,700 on Amazon, the MI300X has a price tag exceeding $15,000.

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