Amazon's 'Prime Day' Event Could Be Pushed Back to September

Rebecca Norris
Photo credit: SOPA Images - Getty Images

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  • Prime Day is Amazon’s annual shopping holiday for Prime users, and it typically lasts for up to 36 hours.
  • According to reports, this year's event could be postponed until the fall.

Amazon Prime members, you might want to take a seat. (For a few months, at least.)

Prime Day—the annual shopping holiday hosted by Amazon for Prime members—typically takes place during the second or third week of July, but due to the current global situation the brand has announced a decision to push the much-anticipated sale to the fall.

Originally reported by The Wall Street Journal, Amazon, like most businesses, is doing its best to recover from the current unprecedented times—especially since (perhaps surprisingly) they’ve seen a major drop in sales over the past few months.

While Prime Day is being put on hold until the fall, the e-commerce giant is now accepting unlimited shipments of nonessential goods—which have been notably delayed over the past few months due to prioritizing warehouses for essential goods. What’s more, they’ve announced a pick-up in shipping speed as the Coronavirus pandemic begins to dwindle (even though, let’s be clear, COVID-19 is still very much a thing).

“We removed quantity limits on products our suppliers can send to our fulfillment centers,” an Amazon spokeswoman said to The Wall Street Journal. “We continue to adhere to extensive health and safety measures to protect our associates as they pick, pack, and ship products to customers, and are improving delivery speeds across our store.”

Before you get a little too excited and start buying everything under the sun from the online retailer expecting to unbox it in just 48 hours, understand that, like everyone, Amazon is simply returning to a new normal. So, while they’re working to speed up shipping, it’s unlikely that it will immediately return to the ultra-fast rates Amazon shoppers are used to.

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