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We're calling it: Amazon is officially the cheapest place to buy velvet hangers

If organizing your closet is on your fall Bingo card, swapping out your thick hangers for thin velvet ones can make all the difference. And because we can't help ourselves, we scoured the internet to find the very best prices on these wardrobe essentials. The winner? These Amazon Basics Non-Slip Velvet Hangers, which you can snag for as low as 25 cents apiece! That's right, a pack of 100 will cost you just $25 (packs of 30 and 50 hangers are also available for those with fewer clothes, but the price per hanger isn't quite as amazing).

Save space in your closet with these slim velvet hangers.

$41 at Amazon

What sets these velvet hangers apart from standard ones? For starters, their ultra-slim design means they'll keep your clothes more compact than the thicker plastic or wooden ones ever could, so you can fit more of your clothing into your closet. Go ahead and buy those cute sweaters you've been eyeing!

Additionally, their nonslip material helps prevent your delicate pieces from falling to the floor, collecting dust and getting damaged. If separating a mess of hangers is the bane of your existence, rest assured that these are the best of both worlds — they're thin like wire hangers, but their flocked style makes them far less prone to getting tangled.

Another benefit is that they'll up your closet's aesthetic with their sleek appearance. Choose from three classic neutrals — the gorgeous ivory pictured below is currently the best value — but know that whichever color you select, you'll be thrilled when you see how pretty they look in your home. You might even be inspired to post a closet makeover reveal on TikTok!

ivory-colored velvet hangers holding clothes
Velvet hangers look great and will keep your clothes from slipping to the floor. (Photo: Amazon)

When searching for the internet's best velvet hanger deals, we compared options from top retailers like Walmart, Wayfair and Target. Walmart's hangers were on sale for 33 cents per hanger. At Wayfair, a set of 100 hangers clocked in at 44 cents apiece while hangers at Target were selling for 43 cents each.

Not only is the Amazon Basics set available for the lowest price, it's also very highly rated, with nearly 26,000 users giving it five stars.

"I love these!" gushed one rave reviewer. "I have a lot of dresses and sheer shirts that I hang up, and I got tired of them slipping off the hanger every day ... The fabric stays on the velvet so well that nothing ever slips off the hanger."

"No comparison to other brands!" exclaimed another impressed shopper. "Very lightweight and durable, save ton of space in my closet and make it look very organized. My favorite part is the slight slope of the shoulder line. It fits way better to my feminine garments than other straight, wide-shouldered ones. These do not leave stretch marks. I also had no issue with any lint. Hung dark and light clothes on them with no problems. I love them so much that I immediately ordered another pack!"

"This inexpensive purchase brought a nice, clean aesthetic to my closet," wrote a final fan. "My hangers did not shed like other reviews suggest. Overall, very pleased with this purchase."

For just a bit more, you can also snag this set in gray or the pictured black. 

$26 at Amazon

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