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'No pain': This popular travel neck pillow is down to $16 — a cushy 50% off

What is it?

Vacation is great, but the actual travel component? Not so much. How many of us have spent long flights attempting to find a comfortable sleeping position, only to feel like a bobblehead doll and ending up with our head resting on our neighbor's shoulder? So embarrassing! However, this can all be avoided with the right accessories, like the top-selling Mlvoc Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow. It will keep you comfy from point A to point B.

You can now return your neck to its upright position...

$16 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

Amazon currently has it on sale for $16 (from $30) — that's nearly 50% off! We haven't seen the price this low since the summer-travel peak in July — if you have holiday travel plans, this little kit is almost guaranteed to make the trip more bearable.

Why do I need this?

What sets this travel neck pillow apart from those flimsy U-shaped ones sold at the airport? For starters, it's made from cushy yet supportive memory foam to keep your neck in place rather than falling forward or to the side — which can result in a lot of strain and pain. Its ergonomic design includes two neck support points at the front and back, and its curved shape won't cover your face, like many other models do. It also has an adjustable rope lock so you can customize the fit to suit your neck size and comfort preferences.

Another great feature is its breathable, sweat-resistant case, which is conveniently machine washable to last you many trips. And if you're short on room in your carry-on, it comes with a handy bag that compresses it to half its original size!

The Mlvoc Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow would be more than worth its low price tag for all of the aforementioned attributes alone, but get this: It comes with a 3D contoured eye mask and earplugs. Such a bargain! Contoured eye masks are comfier than flat ones because they don't put direct pressure on your eyes, and who wouldn't want a pair of earplugs on hand to drown out any screaming toddlers sitting nearby?

person wearing the blue travel neck pillow
Proof positive that travel doesn't have to be a pain in the neck. (Photo: Amazon)

What reviewers say

Nearly 21,000 Amazon shoppers swear by this thing for staying comfy en route, so you know it's doing something right. Keep reading to see why it deserves to be packed on your next trip.

"They hand these out at the gates of heaven," said one giddy gadabout. "I was skeptical of this neck pillow because of the shape, but oh man do I love it! The little to-go bag is also a huge plus. It's so handy to just roll up, pop in and throw into my bag."

"I have a pinched nerve in my neck and just returned from a 16-hour nonstop flight to Dubai," noted another fan. "I was dreading the flight because I can’t sleep much on planes. My traveling companions said on the outbound flight, all I did was sleep. This neck pillow gave much more support to my neck and I had no pain. I now sleep with this pillow to support my neck. I plan to buy another in case it’s discontinued."

One queasy customer even noted that it helped them with motion sickness: "No more bobblehead," they proclaimed. "Not only does it provide the traditional back and side support, if you cinch it up with the included drawstrings, it provides forward chin support. ... I tend towards motion sickness, and with this thing on nice and snug, it reduced some of my head bobbling during turbulence so I didn't feel nearly as queasy as I usually do."

"Finally a neck pillow that I can use when wearing my over-the-ear headphones," wrote another happy traveler that said it does have a downside. "The only minor drawback is getting it back into its bag. The pillow is firm for support and the bag is small for packability so I guess this is the middle ground. I like to travel light, but this is a very worth while addition."

Whether you have a long flight or road trip on the calendar, you'll want the Mlvoc Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow as your trusty companion. It comes in several colors and styles (at different prices), and if you want to grab it while it's on sale, you should add it to your cart, stat!

Pillow + eye mask + ear plugs = a serenity we'd like to have even during our non-traveling hours! 

$16 at Amazon

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The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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