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This ergonomic seat cushion is 'a must have for any office chair' — and it's on sale

Add this ergonomic cushion to your desk setup for added comfort and support.

Shoppers agree that the Fortem Office Seat Cushion is a must-have. Images via Amazon.
Shoppers agree that the Fortem Office Seat Cushion is a must-have. Images via Amazon.

As anyone who spends hours of their day in front of their computer knows, sitting at a desk can wreak havoc on your body. Everything from your posture to your circulation can be affected, which is why experts recommend activities like taking a break from sitting every 30 minutes or using a standing desk.

For those with mobility issues or a busy schedule that doesn't let you step away from your desk, having an ergonomic setup can make a world of difference in your comfort.

One top-rated product has earned thousands of five-star reviews, as Amazon shoppers can't get enough of the Fortem Office Seat Cushion. Even better, it's on sale now for $29.

This ergonomic seat cushion is on sale now at Amazon Canada.

$29 at Amazon

The details

This popular seat cushion is designed to bring added cushioning and support to just about any seat. It's made using high density memory foam, and features a non-slip bottom to prevent slipping while you sit.

Designed with an ergonomic "U" shaped cutout, this chair cushion helps alleviate pressure on the sciatica nerve, reducing back, leg, and coccyx/tailbone pain caused by sitting uncomfortably for hours. This versatile cushion can be used in a variety of settings, including on office and desk chairs, in wheelchairs, while driving, gaming, or during travel.

Whether you use it at home or at the office, this cushion is the ideal addition to any workstation. You can shop it in five different colours and finishes.

'Love this cushion'

This small but mighty seat cushion has earned a 4.2-star rating from more than 9,000 customer reviews. Shoppers have praised its comfort and support, as well as its versatility.

This cushion has been called "very firm but supportive," and with one reviewer raving that it's "a must have for any office chair."

Another added that this cushion is a great alternative to buying a new chair, as it "takes the pressure off your lower back" without breaking the bank.

This ergonomic seat cushion is on sale now at Amazon Canada.

$29 at Amazon

For those who are dealing with injuries and health conditions that can make sitting for long periods of time uncomfortable, shoppers say this pillow is a great addition to your life.

"I absolutely love this cushion," shared one reviewer who noted that it makes it easier to sit at the car or at the computer "without any pressure on my tailbone." Another found that this cushion "made a huge difference" in providing comfort to their tailbone while driving.

"[It's] good for my pain in the ass. Literally," admitted one reviewer.

Some shoppers were less than impressed by this cushion, saying that its size was "not a perfect design for everyone." Others echoed this issue, finding that the firm memory foam material made it feel "uncomfortable."


At $29, this affordable seat cushion can be considered an investment into your long-term health. Thousands of shoppers have fallen for its portable multipurpose design that offers relief from aches and pains, helping it become one of the most popular seat cushions available on Amazon.

While there aren't any height or weight restrictions, based on the customer reviews, potential shoppers who prefer a softer seat cushion may want to give this model a pass.

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