Amazon cites Trump 'bias' in Pentagon deal loss

Amazon has urged a U.S. judge to toss out the Pentagon’s 10 billion dollar cloud computing contract with Microsoft.

In court filings unsealed Tuesday (December 15), the online giant says the deal must be invalidated.

It says the contract was the product of “bias, bad faith and undue influence exerted by President Trump” to steer the award away from the company.

Amazon had been the favourite to win the Pentagon deal.

But founder Jeff Bezos has been at odds with Trump, who has repeatedly derided him and his company.

In February a judge granted Amazon’s request to stop the deal moving forward, and that ruling remains in effect.

In its new filing Amazon says a Pentagon review of the deal was “riddled with errors” and manipulated “to a degree that belies any facade of rationality”.

There was no immediate comment on the filing from the Pentagon or White House.

But Microsoft said Tuesday that it won the cloud computing deal by offering superior technology and value.

It said it was time everyone moved on and got the new system up and running.